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Gunner Kennels used 3D/AR to reduce returns 5%, boost conversions 40%

Two Gunner Kennels dog crates in the back of a white pickup truck.

“Man’s best friend deserves man’s best kennel,” says Addison Edmonds, founder of Gunner Kennels, a company driven to produce heavy-duty kennels that keep pets safe during transportation. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to kennel sizing. As a direct-to-consumer company, a primary challenge Gunner had to work through was providing the right information so that customers could purchase the correct size the first time around—without potentially ever seeing the product in person.

Since discovering Shopify’s native support for 3D models and augmented reality (AR), Gunner has instilled a new level of purchase confidence in buyers by enabling them to virtually place the kennel beside their dog to gauge size from anywhere using their mobile device. In this case study, we show how Gunner leveraged Shopify Plus’ 3D/AR capabilities and experienced a:

  • 3% increase in cart conversion rate
  • 40% increase in order conversion rate
  • 5% reduction in return rate


Gunner’s kennels are five-star crash-test rated, and currently the only double-wall, rotomolded crates on the market. But high-end materials and construction give the products some heft, and in turn can create higher shipping costs for the company—especially if there are unexpected order returns. 

This was a reality of its business. Gunner knew it may be more difficult for a customer to know they’re buying the correct kennel for their dog without seeing it in person, which was far and away the main reason items were being returned or exchanged. 

The homepage of the Gunner Kennels website on desktop.

So the team started to think: How can we bring our products to life, beyond the use of standard images, and create a more in-person experience for buyers online?

3D models have served as a tool to further bridge the gap between a retail experience and online. As we see higher adoption rates with the models, we are also seeing lower return and exchange rates.

Gunner Kennels

Macey Benton — VP of Marketing


With the help of Shopify Plus and its Shopify Partner, the Gunner team was able to develop 3D models of its crates and easily upload them, just as they do with product images, directly to a product page.

Now, rather than relying on multiple images to showcase different angles of the product, buyers can interact with a 3D model of the crate to inspect every little detail as they would in person. If shopping from their mobile device, buyers can take advantage of the AR feature to virtually place the crate beside their dog.

Gunner believed the numbers would prove 3D/AR improved its conversions and reduced its returns, but more than that the technology would help the brand build deeper trust with its customers.

Getting these assets created was shockingly quick and easy, and more cost effective than I anticipated. Working with a Shopify expert allowed us to have these assets developed and live on our site in a matter of days.

Gunner Kennels

Macey Benton — VP of Marketing

A black dog sitting in the back of a pickup truck while a man is using virtual reality features on his phone to visualize a crate around his dog.


Immediately upon the uploading of 3D models and AR to its product pages, Gunner observed a major impact on its bottom line. 

Firstly, when measured against the company’s previous quarter, Gunner’s cart conversion rate rose 3%. When it came time to checkout, customers did that, too—a rise in order conversion rate of 40%.

The Gunner Kennels online store displayed on two mobile devices.

Most notably, it became clear the value customers had taken from being able to more intimately engage with Gunner’s kennels online. The company reduced its return rate by 5%, eliminating plenty of significant shipping costs along with it.

With this technology, buyers can now use their device to place the crate right next to their dogs to confirm sizing, decreasing our return rate by 5%. We would like to use this feature on future products and other accessories moving forward.

Gunner Kennels

Macey Benton — VP of Marketing

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