What’s New at Shopify: Nov. 10, 2017

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As a Shopify Partner, your clients turn to you for advice on how to best capitalize on new features and integrations.

With the platform continuously improving, we want to help you stay knowledgeable. So, we’re releasing part three of our product roundup series. Get up-to-date on what’s new at Shopify, share with your wider team, and better equip yourself to support your clients.

In this third edition, we’re covering new available developer tools, improved in-store experiences, new sales channel, and better functionality for partner resources.

Here’s what’s new at Shopify.

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1. Turn showrooming into sales

Customers like to experience products in real life. It plays a huge role in their buying experience. But, that doesn’t stop retail businesses from losing sales to online marketplaces because of the convenience they offer: no waiting in line, quick delivery, and cheaper prices.

To help tackle this problem, at the end of October we launched Buy Online for Shopify POS. This new feature, native within the Shopify POS app, gives merchants an integrated online and retail experience.


How does it work?

While in-store, merchants can now offer a no-obligation purchase experience to their customers by creating an online cart while they browse. This draft shopping cart order can be emailed to customers once they leave the store, so they can complete their transaction when and where they want.

This seamless experience between offline and online shopping acts as a real-life abandoned cart — allowing merchants to track and re-engage customers that receive assistance from their staff in-store.

See five reason why your retail clients should try Buy Online.

2. Sell on eBay


We partnered with eBay and launched Shopify’s new eBay sales channel, available for merchants based in the US, Canada, and Australia. “Shopify merchants will gain access to more than 171 million global active eBay buyers, allowing them to expand their customer base” says eBay’s Britte Bennett.

Shopify merchants will gain access to more than 171 million global active eBay buyers, allowing them to expand their customer base.

Britte Bennett, eBay

All just in time for Black Friday Cyber Monday.

With 370 million people who have downloaded eBay Mobile Shopping Apps, and $9 billion in orders from mobile devices, this is a significant opportunity.

How does it work?

Eligible clients simply add new products to Shopify and sync product information in the eBay sales channel to create an eBay listing. Inventory and orders are all managed within Shopify. Reports will make it easy to understand total revenue, top performing SKUs, and shipping costs.

Thanks to this integration, the backend work and complexity from managing multiple marketplaces is reduced.

Help your clients scale their businesses by tapping into this new and vibrant marketplace. Discover the eBay channel and its features.

3. Reduce your search time

On Nov. 6th, we launched something that’s been heavily requested by you, our Shopify Partners! We’ve added search functionality into the Shopify Cheat Sheet — our go-to resource for building Shopify Themes with Liquid.

what's new: liquid cheat sheet
A preview of the search bar.

This new addition will help you find what you’re looking for more swiftly, and in turn, speed up your theme development time.

Test out the Shopify Cheat Sheet search bar for yourself!

Apply these updates

This concludes the third edition of our product roundups. Hopefully, reading this article helps you level-up as a Shopify Partner, and drive sales to your clients’ stores using our new sales channels and improved retail shopping experiences.

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Have questions about these updates? Let us know in the comments below!


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