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TRUE Linkswear increased site traffic and conversion while saving time and money

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Golf should be fun. TRUE Linkswear is a golf footwear brand, based in the Pacific Northwest, that was founded on this philosophy. Two brothers, Jason and Ryan Moore, created the brand with a focus on fun and adventure, but when it came to its online store, the experience was anything but fun to manage. Back in 2018, the brand’s previous ecommerce platform required a lot of time and money spent on technical upkeep, custom coding, and a developer to manage the back-end. 

Now that TRUE Linkswear is on Shopify Plus, the team can implement changes quickly and without custom development. No more developers, error messages, or late nights trying to get ready for launch. The brand is now growing faster while offering a more seamless online shopping experience for its customer base.

With Shopify Plus, TRUE Linkswear saw results fast.

  • Increased cart adds and conversion rate with an improved user experience
  • Enabled teams to make changes quickly, while saving time and money on custom development
  • Decreased bounce rate and errors, all while increasing traffic from mobile and web
Shopify Plus is ideal for ease of use. For an agile company like ours, it's really quick and simple just to go in and make a change within a matter of minutes, without paying external developers. Everything's just plug and play. Two weeks ago, we were in a meeting and decided we should start taking cryptocurrency, and within one hour, we were accepting it as payment.
TRUE Linkswear
Brandon WallachVice President of Marketing

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