Amanda Kirsh

Self-taught Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer located in the Beautiful Cariboo area.

location Quesnel, BC

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Child Picking Dandelions In Field | View photo

Amanda Kirsh has contributed 128 photos since April 2018

dough prep

Dough Prep

two sisters reading together

Two Sisters Reading Together

young girl reads in comfy chair

Young Girl Reads In Comfy Chair

young girl flipping pages of a book

Young Girl Flipping Pages Of A Book

kids playing with cookie decorations

Kids Playing With Cookie Decorations

good book giggles

Good Book Giggles

kids decorate cookies

Kids Decorate Cookies

sisters decorating festive cookies

Sisters Decorating Festive Cookies

baking christmas treats

Baking Christmas Treats

cookies and kid

Cookies And Kid

selection of fresh veg

Selection Of Fresh Veg

portrait image of plants and potting tools on a light background

Portrait Image Of Plants And Potting Tools On A Light Background

carrots and friends

Carrots And Friends

rolling dough

Rolling Dough

making cookies

Making Cookies

baking with kids

Baking With Kids

decorating christmas cookies

Decorating Christmas Cookies

evening snow and water

Evening Snow And Water

displaying homemade cookie

Displaying Homemade Cookie

sisters decide what sprinkles to decorate with

Sisters Decide What Sprinkles To Decorate With

shop now sign on marble

Shop Now Sign On Marble

what's better than a good book

What's Better Than A Good Book

cookie prep

Cookie Prep

messy christmas fun!

Messy Christmas Fun!

snowy industry

Snowy Industry

geese on autumn pond

Geese On Autumn Pond

hard crafted goodness diagonal on marble

Hard Crafted Goodness Diagonal On Marble

shop now diagonal sign on wood

Shop Now Diagonal Sign On Wood

cuddled up in a big chair with a good book

Cuddled Up In A Big Chair With A Good Book

healthy flatlay featuring potatoes

Healthy Flatlay Featuring Potatoes

plant potting tools and soil on a light background

Plant Potting Tools And Soil On A Light Background

snow stops work

Snow Stops Work

cookie decoration at christmas

Cookie Decoration At Christmas

tree full of finches

Tree Full Of Finches

baby pig wanders from the group

Baby Pig Wanders From The Group

a girl sitting in a chair reads a book

A Girl Sitting In A Chair Reads A Book

underneath a winter bridge

Underneath A Winter Bridge

fresh veg flatlay

Fresh Veg Flatlay

a young girl carefully decorated cookies

A Young Girl Carefully Decorated Cookies

healthy flatlay featuring celery

Healthy Flatlay Featuring Celery

plant potting tools and soil

Plant Potting Tools And Soil

getting into a good book

Getting Into A Good Book

dried leaf on pavement

Dried Leaf On Pavement

child baking at christmas

Child Baking At Christmas

snowy river and bridge

Snowy River And Bridge

bridge over snow

Bridge Over Snow

cookie cutting

Cookie Cutting

two girls decorating christmas cookies

Two Girls Decorating Christmas Cookies

cookies on wood

Cookies On Wood

repotting succulents

Repotting Succulents