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A Picture Reads "Live Laugh Love" Joined By Random Objects | View photo

Andréa Felsky Schmitt has contributed 12 photos since December 2019

a picture reads "live laugh love" joined by random objects

A Picture Reads "Live Laugh Love" Joined By Random Objects

gold wire-frame stars, christmas decorations, and a clock.

Gold Wire-Frame Stars, Christmas Decorations, And A Clock.

pastry store showcase

Pastry Store Showcase

grocery shelves with food

Grocery Shelves With Food

jewellery, champagne flutes, a clock and the numbers 2020

Jewellery, Champagne Flutes, A Clock And The Numbers 2020

red women's shoes and christmas decorations on the floor

Red Women's Shoes And Christmas Decorations On The Floor

a bowl of muesli in a pink bowl on a saucer with spoon

A Bowl Of Muesli In A Pink Bowl On A Saucer With Spoon

sandwich on plate and cup of coffee

Sandwich On Plate And Cup Of Coffee

a young woman sits cross-legged on a bed eating macaroons

A Young Woman Sits Cross-Legged On A Bed Eating Macaroons

light bulbs in the grocery store

Light Bulbs In The Grocery Store

pastries on the wooden boards

Pastries On the Wooden Boards

a croissant laced with chocolate on a white paper plate

A Croissant Laced With Chocolate On A White Paper Plate