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Avid travel and life photographer.

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A Woman Sits In The Middle Of A Desert Highway | View photo

Angelique Downing has contributed 131 photos since July 2019

one sunbathing sea lion chats to a sea lion in the water

One Sunbathing Sea Lion Chats To A Sea Lion In The Water

rolling desert

Rolling Desert

crowds in a lush botanical garden

Crowds In A Lush Botanical Garden

a town in the plains encircled by rocky mountains

A Town In The Plains Encircled By Rocky Mountains

antique trucks and cars on display

Antique Trucks And Cars On Display

a figure stands on a road in the desert under blue skies

A Figure Stands On A Road In The Desert under Blue Skies

a beach shack on stilts

A Beach Shack On Stilts

rusty tools and machinery

Rusty Tools And Machinery

a flamingo bows its head to nap

A Flamingo Bows Its Head To Nap

an old chevrolet in a desert graveyard

An Old Chevrolet In A Desert Graveyard

street painters sell

Street Painters Sell

elephant seal says hello

Elephant Seal Says Hello

arizona tundra

Arizona Tundra

roller coaster railings in front of a ferris wheel

Roller Coaster Railings In Front Of A Ferris Wheel

a mummy walrus and pups nap in the sand

A Mummy Walrus And Pups Nap In The Sand

curious lizard

Curious Lizard

a freight train hauls containers through the plains

A Freight Train Hauls Containers Through The Plains

a traditional caravan rests under blue skies in the plains

A Traditional Caravan Rests Under Blue Skies In The Plains

a bed with a blanket inside a caravan

A Bed With A Blanket Inside A Caravan

a figure in a hoodie on a beach at the shoreline

A Figure In A Hoodie On A Beach At The Shoreline

rocky beach

Rocky Beach

a prickly pear cactus and a rust car in the sun

A Prickly Pear Cactus and A Rust Car In The Sun

a bicycle in a flower shack

A Bicycle In A Flower Shack

ribbed sandstone caves offer red shade from desert sun

Ribbed Sandstone Caves Offer Red Shade From Desert Sun

re corn shacks

Re Corn Shacks

a man on a rocky plateau overlooks a deep canyon

A Man On A Rocky Plateau Overlooks A Deep Canyon

decorated pots stacked up

Decorated Pots Stacked Up

the panes of glass from a lighthouse lamp

The Panes Of Glass From A Lighthouse Lamp

antique car in a scrap yard

Antique Car In A Scrap Yard

the panes of glass in a lighthouse lamp reflect sunlight

The Panes Of Glass In A Lighthouse Lamp Reflect Sunlight

antique vehicles in a scrap yard

Antique Vehicles In A Scrap Yard