Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

the rough wavy waters of the ocean

The Rough Wavy Waters Of The Ocean

person standing in a forest at golden hour

Person Standing In A Forest At Golden Hour

person looks out to aqua blue water filled with boats

Person Looks Out To Aqua Blue Water Filled With Boats

lighthouse on the coastside

Lighthouse On The Coastside

person covered by hair stands under bridge on a windy day

Person Covered By Hair Stands Under Bridge On A Windy Day

a small plant into a red pot with watering can

A Small Plant Into A Red Pot With Watering Can

bar of white soap on a wooden holder

Bar Of White Soap On A Wooden Holder

top of fern branches against black

Top Of Fern Branches Against Black

three pairs of sunglasses lay on a pink background

Three Pairs Of Sunglasses Lay On A Pink Background

a pineapple wearing sunglasses

A Pineapple Wearing Sunglasses

person smiles in grey sweater on bench

Person Smiles In Grey Sweater On Bench

person holds out pruning shears and a trowel

Person Holds Out Pruning Shears And A Trowel

top view of a teapot against a grey background

Top View Of A Teapot Against A Grey Background

paved road leading to oceanside lighthouse

Paved Road Leading To Oceanside Lighthouse

person stands on a bridge with one hand on each railing

Person Stands On A Bridge With One Hand On Each Railing

colorful beads float above a bowl and read good vibes

Colorful Beads Float Above A Bowl And Read Good Vibes

person holding a sign that says you are not alone

Person Holding A Sign That Says You Are Not Alone

person stands by a still lake of blue water

Person Stands By A Still Lake Of Blue Water

black microphones pattern on a yellow background

Black Microphones Pattern On A Yellow Background

red foiled chocolate hearts scattered on black

Red Foiled Chocolate Hearts Scattered On Black

person takes in a forest view from a cement balcony

Person Takes In A Forest View From A Cement Balcony

disposable face mask sits on table

Disposable Face Mask Sits On Table

aerial view of aqua blue waves and a rocky cliff

Aerial View Of Aqua Blue Waves And A Rocky Cliff

a white building with beige windows

A White Building With Beige Windows

one bar of white soap lays in a wooden holder

One Bar Of White Soap Lays In A Wooden Holder

hands holding a green mug

Hands Holding A Green Mug

monochrome image of person holding someones elses hand

Monochrome Image Of Person Holding Someones Elses Hand

orange colored daisy in garden

Orange Colored Daisy In Garden

person closes their eyes with blurry hands over their face

Person Closes Their Eyes With Blurry Hands Over Their Face

detailed fern leaves close up

Detailed Fern Leaves Close Up

arm resting on a wicker beach bag with sunglasses on it

Arm Resting On A Wicker Beach Bag With Sunglasses On It

shards of broken ice on a lake

Shards Of Broken Ice On A Lake

tides at sunset

Tides At Sunset

hand holds loose leaf tea over a mug with a stainer

Hand Holds Loose Leaf Tea Over A Mug With A Stainer

tiny lighthouse beyond rocky shore

Tiny Lighthouse Beyond Rocky Shore

blue and orange tide rolls into shore

Blue And Orange Tide Rolls Into Shore

close up of green fern leaves with brown spotting

Close Up Of Green Fern Leaves With Brown Spotting

hand grips gardening tool in front of a green tree

Hand Grips Gardening Tool In Front Of A Green Tree

blue and white lighthouse at sunset

Blue And White Lighthouse At Sunset

rain drops on a bright window

Rain Drops On A Bright Window

forest silhouette at sunset

Forest Silhouette At Sunset

man holds a comb up to his mustache

Man Holds A Comb Up To His Mustache

woman in glasses smiles in front of a camera

Woman In Glasses Smiles In Front Of A Camera

person looks up in a forest of brown tree trunks

Person Looks Up In A Forest Of Brown Tree Trunks

person in white holding a pink ribbon to their chest

Person In White Holding A Pink Ribbon To Their Chest

man holds woman up on his back as they both smile

Man Holds Woman Up On His Back As They Both Smile

white horse having a snack

White Horse Having A Snack

industrial bridge and water at sunset

Industrial Bridge And Water At Sunset

green grass and a wooden fence with a lighthouse behind it

Green Grass And A Wooden Fence With A Lighthouse Behind It

close up of jean fabric

Close Up of Jean Fabric