Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

small white bowl filled with ripe cherries

Small White Bowl Filled With Ripe Cherries

a stack of hardcover books outdoors with glasses

A Stack Of Hardcover Books Outdoors With Glasses

flatlay of wooden toothbrushes laying bristles up on blue

Flatlay Of Wooden Toothbrushes Laying Bristles Up On Blue

cement staircase with white railing in dark building

Cement Staircase With White Railing In Dark Building

close up of black cat portrait

Close Up Of Black Cat Portrait

hand holds a gardening trowel with the tip of it in the dirt

Hand Holds A Gardening Trowel With The Tip Of It In The Dirt

outpost by the water on rocks

Outpost By The Water On Rocks

man holds a phone and a stack of white paper

Man Holds A Phone And A Stack Of White Paper

person in grey sweater holds a book open turning the page

Person In Grey Sweater Holds A Book Open Turning The Page

person standing by a window with their hand to their head

Person Standing By A Window With Their Hand To Their Head

man surrounded by tall green trees

Man Surrounded By Tall Green Trees

person pours tea into glass outdoors

Person Pours Tea Into Glass Outdoors

young cow stairs into the camera

Young Cow Stairs Into The Camera

stone steps lead down to the water

Stone Steps Lead Down To The Water

white wooden beads spell out stay well

White Wooden Beads Spell Out Stay Well

golden dog in the shade

Golden Dog In The Shade

close up of vast snowcapped mountain

Close Up Of Vast Snowcapped Mountain

sunset tide spilling onto rocky beach

Sunset Tide Spilling Onto Rocky Beach

woman holding pruning shears to a vine

Woman Holding Pruning Shears To A Vine

hands use a knife to cut up meat

Hands Use A Knife To Cut Up Meat

yellow paint on wet asphalt

Yellow Paint On Wet Asphalt

snow covered mountains above winter landscape

Snow Covered Mountains Above Winter Landscape

wooden beads float and spell out enjoy

Wooden Beads Float And Spell Out Enjoy

blank wood frame chalkboard hangs on a blue wall

Blank Wood Frame Chalkboard Hangs On A Blue Wall

red and yellow apples covered with water droplets

Red And Yellow Apples Covered With Water Droplets

sunset waves on the shore

Sunset Waves On The Shore

person and book held in front of their face

Person And Book Held In Front Of Their Face

crystal clear water on the beach

Crystal Clear Water On The Beach

gardening tools leaning against a pile of wooden sticks

Gardening Tools Leaning Against A Pile Of Wooden Sticks

wooden colored pencils scattered on pink and blue balls

Wooden Colored Pencils Scattered On Pink And Blue Balls

close up of a small yellow flower with small petals

Close Up Of A Small Yellow Flower With Small Petals

triangle slices of watermelon on pink background

Triangle Slices Of Watermelon On Pink Background

hand grasping a black fence

Hand Grasping A Black Fence

horses seen through farm fence

Horses Seen Through Farm Fence

black round sunglasses on top left of blue background

Black Round Sunglasses On Top Left Of Blue Background

green and orange textured fern leaf

Green And Orange Textured Fern Leaf

moody close up of mans face looking down

Moody Close Up Of Mans Face Looking Down

person facing wavy water on a sandy beach

Person Facing Wavy Water On A Sandy Beach

a person standing at a corner taking in the forest view

A Person Standing At A Corner Taking In The Forest View

Holding Pair Of Chopsticks Over Bowl Of Rice

Holding Pair Of Chopsticks Over Bowl Of Rice

close up of leaves on nature walk

Close Up Of Leaves On Nature Walk

person pours water into a small potted plant

Person Pours Water Into A Small Potted Plant

stone hut upon a hillside

Stone Hut Upon A Hillside

log handrails in grassy field

Log Handrails In Grassy Field

person in a white apron cups a tomatoes

Person In A White Apron Cups A Tomatoes

fingers lightly touch green leaves of a fern

Fingers Lightly Touch Green Leaves Of A Fern

person holds a bowl of cherries out in front of them

Person Holds A Bowl Of Cherries Out In Front Of Them

brown and white cat dozing off

Brown And White Cat Dozing Off

three cows stands on green grass

Three Cows Stands On Green Grass

view over a persons shoulder as they slice red peppers

View Over A Persons Shoulder As They Slice Red Peppers