Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

wooden colored pencils scattered on pink and blue balls

Wooden Colored Pencils Scattered On Pink And Blue Balls

cement staircase with white railing in dark building

Cement Staircase With White Railing In Dark Building

red and yellow apples covered with water droplets

Red And Yellow Apples Covered With Water Droplets

person in grey sweater holds a book open turning the page

Person In Grey Sweater Holds A Book Open Turning The Page

green teapot against a light pink backdrop

Green Teapot Against A Light Pink Backdrop

black chalkboard sticking out of a white sandy beach

Black Chalkboard Sticking Out Of A White Sandy Beach

green grass and a grazing horse

Green Grass And A Grazing Horse

person in a straw hat faces toward a blue sky

Person In A Straw Hat Faces Toward A Blue Sky

holding a yoga mat and water bottle in red workout gear

Holding A Yoga Mat And Water Bottle In Red Workout Gear

horses seen through farm fence

Horses Seen Through Farm Fence

herd of red tagged cows

Herd Of Red Tagged Cows

close up of horse eating in farmers field

Close Up Of Horse Eating In Farmers Field

cascading ripples in the water

Cascading Ripples In The Water

black round sunglasses on top left of blue background

Black Round Sunglasses On Top Left Of Blue Background

cat lays down on soft white surface

Cat Lays Down On Soft White Surface

detail of a cedar tree

Detail Of A Cedar Tree

texture of large green leaves in shadows

Texture Of Large Green Leaves In Shadows

hands use a knife to cut up meat

Hands Use A Knife To Cut Up Meat

stone hut upon a hillside

Stone Hut Upon A Hillside

man sits in a chair and looks out the window

Man Sits In A Chair And Looks Out The Window

a fence that seems to never end

A Fence That Seems To Never End

rain drops illuminated on window

Rain Drops Illuminated On Window

sunset waves on the shore

Sunset Waves On The Shore

profile of a woman leaning out of an open window

Profile Of A Woman Leaning Out Of An Open Window

building covered in green foliage

Building Covered In Green Foliage

rock faces in black and white

Rock Faces In Black And White

tiny bug on happy flower

Tiny Bug On Happy Flower

a bunch of freshly bloomed daisies

A Bunch Of Freshly Bloomed Daisies

cat sits on a chair in the sun

Cat Sits On A Chair In The Sun

hand grips a gardening trowel and digs it into the earth

Hand Grips A Gardening Trowel And Digs It Into The Earth

hand holding a red apple with water droplets

Hand Holding A Red Apple With Water Droplets

a frozen winter landscape below mountain

A Frozen Winter Landscape Below Mountain

bowl of dry oats and a mug of tea

Bowl Of Dry Oats And A Mug Of Tea

stone archway frames a person walking to beach

Stone Archway Frames A Person Walking To Beach

tide comes in

Tide Comes In

last light of the day

Last Light Of The Day

person stands at a lookout and takes in the vista

Person Stands At A Lookout And Takes In The Vista

hand grasping a black fence

Hand Grasping A Black Fence

blank wood frame chalkboard hangs on a blue wall

Blank Wood Frame Chalkboard Hangs On A Blue Wall

hands cup white paper that reads phone me if you need help

Hands Cup White Paper That Reads Phone Me If You Need Help

sandy path in the evening

Sandy Path In The Evening

Holding Pair Of Chopsticks Over Bowl Of Rice

Holding Pair Of Chopsticks Over Bowl Of Rice

white wooden beads spell out stay well

White Wooden Beads Spell Out Stay Well

cathedral of santiago de compostela in sun

Cathedral Of Santiago De Compostela In Sun

stone arched hallway to courtyard

Stone Arched Hallway To Courtyard

an assortment of gardening tools on green grass

An Assortment Of Gardening Tools On Green Grass

person walks down stone steps into boat filled water

Person Walks Down Stone Steps Into Boat Filled Water

a torso in blue stands holding metal fence

A Torso In Blue Stands Holding Metal Fence

mountain stands at the edge of a lake

Mountain Stands At The Edge Of A Lake

white blocks spell save the planet on blue background

White Blocks Spell Save The Planet On Blue Background