Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

portrait view of snowy mountain in the sun

Portrait View Of Snowy Mountain In The Sun

cascading ripples in the water

Cascading Ripples In The Water

rain drops illuminated by colors on window

Rain Drops Illuminated By Colors On Window

rain drops on a bright window

Rain Drops On A Bright Window

close up of vast snowcapped mountain

Close Up Of Vast Snowcapped Mountain

vast snowcapped mountain under grey sky

Vast Snowcapped Mountain Under Grey Sky

rain drops illuminated on window

Rain Drops Illuminated On Window

cliff edge under the sun

Cliff Edge Under The Sun

shadow filled valley in the mountains

Shadow Filled Valley In The Mountains

birds flying up to snowy mountain top

Birds Flying Up To Snowy Mountain Top

abstract image of light leaks with purple background

Abstract Image Of Light Leaks With Purple Background

close up of flowing water glistening under the sun

Close Up Of Flowing Water Glistening Under The Sun

white flower blooming below a warm sunset

White Flower Blooming Below A Warm Sunset

cow parsley plant in the wild

Cow Parsley Plant In The Wild

prickly pear cactus plant

Prickly Pear Cactus Plant

portrait view of some netting

Portrait View Of Some Netting

a close up of some netting

A Close Up Of Some Netting

yellow chrysanthemums flowers on a warm day

Yellow Chrysanthemums Flowers On A Warm Day

a single yellow chrysanthemum flower

A Single Yellow Chrysanthemum Flower

white daisy and yellow chrysanthemum flowers

White Daisy And Yellow Chrysanthemum Flowers

new fern leaves opening up

New Fern Leaves Opening Up

subtly illuminated fern leaves in green

Subtly Illuminated Fern Leaves In Green

green and orange textured fern leaf

Green And Orange Textured Fern Leaf

portrait of textured of large green leaves

Portrait Of Textured Of Large Green Leaves

texture of large green leaves in shadows

Texture Of Large Green Leaves In Shadows

close up of a green plant in the night

Close Up Of A Green Plant In The Night

weathered foliage with detailed leaves

Weathered Foliage With Detailed Leaves

detailed fern leave amongst the shadows

Detailed Fern Leave Amongst The Shadows

a sunset leaks through the trees in a forest

A Sunset Leaks Through The Trees In A Forest

close up of a green leaf showing its detail

Close Up Of A Green Leaf Showing Its Detail

orange sunlight reflecting on water

Orange Sunlight Reflecting On Water

water flows through a narrow valley in mountains

Water Flows Through A Narrow Valley In Mountains

blue and white waves crashing

Blue And White Waves Crashing

sunlight illuminates two grasped hands from above

Sunlight Illuminates Two Grasped Hands From Above

ripples in monochrome water scene

Ripples In Monochrome Water Scene

light leaks throught the forest canopy

Light Leaks Throught The Forest Canopy

secluded pathway within the trees

Secluded Pathway Within The Trees

two reaching hands in black and white

Two Reaching Hands In Black And White

mountains dominate the skyline

Mountains Dominate The Skyline

a single hiker taking on the mountainous terrain

A Single Hiker Taking On The Mountainous Terrain

a boat sails in search of treasure

A Boat Sails In Search Of Treasure

hand holding a pinecone in the forest

Hand Holding A Pinecone In The Forest

this dog is ready for its close up

This Dog Is Ready For Its Close Up

looking out from a cave

Looking Out From A Cave

portrait of a calf

Portrait Of A Calf

a single structure on a hill

A Single Structure On A Hill

dog enjoying a sunset beach walk

Dog Enjoying A Sunset Beach Walk

a beautiful mountain landscape in spain

A Beautiful Mountain Landscape In Spain

a close up of a tree branch

A Close Up Of A Tree Branch

wind turbine's used to create energy

Wind Turbine's Used To Create Energy