Veronica Logue

Toronto based photographer specializing in people, product and brands. Check out my instagram: @capturedkindred

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A Circular Tiled Courtyard With Overlooking Archways | View photo

Veronica Logue has contributed 8 photos since September 2019

a girl in a polkadot dress holds out dandelions

A Girl In A Polkadot Dress Holds Out Dandelions

baby feet on a blanket patterned with green leaves

Baby Feet On A Blanket Patterned With Green Leaves

plates being prepared for service in a restaurant kitchen

Plates Being Prepared For Service In A Restaurant Kitchen

a grand building refracted through a glass orb

A Grand Building Refracted Through A Glass Orb

a child with long brown hair inspects pebbles on the beach

A Child With Long Brown Hair Inspects Pebbles On the Beach

a woman sat on a bed holds out a gold mesh ball

A Woman Sat On A Bed Holds Out A Gold Mesh Ball

a child on a swing under a blue sky

A Child On A Swing Under A Blue Sky

a circular tiled courtyard with overlooking archways

A Circular Tiled Courtyard With Overlooking Archways