Feroz Quazi

I'm an adventure photographer and I love capturing moments that have a certain momentum or emotion to it. I focus on lighting and timing because I love shooting landscape and people all together.

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Dune Buggy In Front Of Setting Sun | View photo

Feroz Quazi has contributed 10 photos since April 2020

footsteps left in sand dunes

Footsteps Left In Sand Dunes

hooded person overlooking ruins

Hooded Person Overlooking Ruins

dune buggy in front of setting sun

Dune Buggy In Front Of Setting Sun

hot air balloons across horizon

Hot Air Balloons Across Horizon

horse grazes in front of cloudy mountains

Horse Grazes In Front Of Cloudy Mountains

wide view of building over water

Wide View Of Building Over Water

ornately designed mosaic wall

Ornately Designed Mosaic Wall

low clouds of clear lake

Low Clouds Of Clear Lake

heavy clouds roll over mountain

Heavy Clouds Roll Over Mountain

close up of glass ball in landscape

Close Up Of Glass Ball In Landscape