Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

grass and snow converge in a circle of love

Grass And Snow Converge In A Circle Of Love

a wise looking gnome surrounded by chess pieces

A Wise Looking Gnome Surrounded By Chess Pieces

baby looks at father

Baby Looks At Father

downward hands hold out flower petals

Downward Hands Hold Out Flower Petals

upturned colorful flower heads on slender green stalks

Upturned Colorful Flower Heads On Slender Green Stalks

variety of colored paint brushes flatlay on black background

Variety Of Colored Paint Brushes Flatlay On Black Background

women poses in yoga attire

Women Poses In Yoga Attire

a model smiles on the disco dancefloor

A Model Smiles On The Disco Dancefloor

hands rubbing together

Hands Rubbing Together

slick summer men's fashion

Slick Summer Men's Fashion

loving breakfast

Loving Breakfast

three women in formalwear discuss the year ahead

Three Women In Formalwear Discuss The Year Ahead

family with swing black and white

Family With Swing Black And White

photo in first person perspective of a person reading a novel

Photo In First Person Perspective Of A Person Reading A Novel

woman in a cloud of confetti

Woman In A Cloud Of Confetti

classy new years couple

Classy New Years Couple

woman sitting on wooden chair

Woman Sitting On Wooden Chair

woman in braids and floral blouse

Woman In Braids And Floral Blouse

small wet white pumpkin against black

Small Wet White Pumpkin Against Black

person in pink walks in a field of small corn plants

Person In Pink Walks In A Field Of Small Corn Plants

crystal glass rests on a open novels spine

Crystal Glass Rests On A Open Novels Spine

champagne love gift

Champagne Love Gift

textural delicate spring blush blossoms and crimson leaves

Textural Delicate Spring Blush Blossoms And Crimson Leaves

woman uses a jade face roller on her cheekbones

Woman Uses A Jade Face Roller On Her Cheekbones

hand uses a pen on a large tablet in front of a laptop

Hand Uses A Pen On A Large Tablet In Front Of A Laptop

black long sleeved mens fashion on black wall

Black Long Sleeved Mens Fashion On Black Wall

softball flies above hand

Softball Flies Above Hand

cowdog in a hat

Cowdog In A Hat

young man in front of neon lights

Young Man In Front Of Neon Lights

games night moving blocks from tower

Games Night Moving Blocks From Tower

flatlay of a picnic in the shadow of a lace umbrella

Flatlay Of A Picnic In The Shadow Of A Lace Umbrella

two juicy orange slices against red background

Two Juicy Orange Slices Against Red Background

woman chills on yoga mat

Woman Chills On Yoga Mat

flatlay of colorful candy easter eggs

Flatlay Of Colorful Candy Easter Eggs

toy soldier goes to war

Toy Soldier Goes To War

red paint brush on textured background

Red Paint Brush On Textured Background

young women in formal fashion

Young Women In Formal Fashion

hide and seek in a frosty forest

Hide And Seek In A Frosty Forest

dj encouraging crowd

DJ Encouraging Crowd

croissants sit close to a tray with roses and a decanter

Croissants Sit Close To A Tray With Roses And A Decanter

blue barn in a green field with a large sky

Blue Barn In A Green Field With A Large Sky

two women hold hands lying in the snow

Two Women Hold Hands Lying In The Snow

a dog in a cowboy hat

A Dog In A Cowboy Hat

tuxedo and smile

Tuxedo And Smile

the gilded pages of an old book

The Gilded Pages Of An Old Book

woman in blue holds a flower and looks at the camera

Woman In Blue Holds A Flower And Looks At The Camera

a romantic candle lit breakfast on a silver tray

A Romantic Candle Lit Breakfast On A Silver Tray

football close up

Football Close Up

hand holding up red paint brush

Hand Holding Up Red Paint Brush

person in a blank black shirt stands against white background

Person In A Blank Black Shirt Stands Against White Background