Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

woman sits up in a yellow bath

Woman Sits Up In A Yellow Bath

musical instrument still life trumpet tamborine

Musical Instrument Still Life Trumpet Tamborine

happy new cheers

Happy New Cheers

flatlay of makeup brush on eyeshadow and lip colors

Flatlay Of Makeup Brush On Eyeshadow And Lip Colors

model smiles and walks in green dress

Model Smiles And Walks In Green Dress

woman blends into the background of rubber ducks

Woman Blends Into The Background Of Rubber Ducks

red carnation that have yet to bloom

Red Carnation That Have Yet To Bloom

off camera cheers

Off Camera Cheers

young woman writing in notebook with quil

Young Woman Writing In Notebook With Quil

warm smiling love

Warm Smiling Love

black and brown dog in flowers

Black And Brown Dog In Flowers

autumn tree leaves

Autumn Tree Leaves

high heels with baggy fashion

High Heels With Baggy Fashion

profile of queen annes lace against green background

Profile Of Queen Annes Lace Against Green Background

a bunch of clean makeup brushes together

A Bunch Of Clean Makeup Brushes Together

woman stretches in yoga flow

Woman Stretches In Yoga Flow

person wearing rainbow pride flag

Person Wearing Rainbow Pride Flag

blue fromal suit mens fashion

Blue Fromal Suit Mens Fashion

waving pride flag

Waving Pride Flag

bare elbow

Bare Elbow

women standing against trees

Women Standing Against Trees

three woman toast to the new year

Three Woman Toast To The New Year

monochrome hand holding a paint brush to a pallet

Monochrome Hand Holding A Paint Brush To A Pallet

cheers and laughter group

Cheers And Laughter Group

harvest vegetable pile

Harvest Vegetable Pile

woman in red sits in corner against walls of mirrors

Woman In Red Sits In Corner Against Walls Of Mirrors

colorful thread in box

Colorful Thread In Box

woman surrounded by gumball machine covered walls

Woman Surrounded By Gumball Machine Covered Walls

two dumbells and a foam roller on a wooden table

Two Dumbells And A Foam Roller On A Wooden Table

casual softball pitcher

Casual Softball Pitcher

young woman in blue brushing hair back

Young Woman In Blue Brushing Hair Back

gift wrapped with a big red bow

Gift Wrapped With A Big Red Bow

flatlay of dyed paint brushes laying on black surface

Flatlay Of Dyed Paint Brushes Laying On Black Surface

blue formal suit yellow wall

Blue Formal Suit Yellow Wall

a person adding glass to their mosaic of flowers

A Person Adding Glass To Their Mosaic Of Flowers

black and white image of an eskimo kiss

Black And White Image Of A Kiss

a decanter and croissants on a silver tray

A Decanter And Croissants On A Silver Tray

bernese mountain dog against black

Bernese Mountain Dog Against Black

trunk and typewriter in the dark

Trunk And Typewriter In The Dark

shiny trumpet musical instrument with valves and mouthpiece

Shiny Trumpet Musical Instrument With Valves And Mouthpiece

afternoon reading in the park

Afternoon Reading In The Park

instant camera paints and record with cocktail

Instant Camera Paints And Record With Cocktail

portrait of men in festive suits

Portrait Of Men In Festive Suits

musical instruments for folk music

Musical Instruments For Folk Music

tennis racket ready to play

Tennis Racket Ready To Play

black and white formal mens fashion

Black And White Formal Mens Fashion

woman with hair bunched up in hands

Woman With Hair Bunched Up In Hands

looking up and down

Looking Up And Down

holly leaves & berries

Holly Leaves & Berries

a french bulldog looks intellectual in reading glasses

A French Bulldog Looks Intellectual In Reading Glasses