Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

woman with coffee runs hands through hair

Woman With Coffee Runs Hands Through Hair

close up of a blue crystal floating

Close Up Of A Blue Crystal Floating

drink sat on a book by the pool

Drink Sat On A Book By The Pool

smiling mom and children

Smiling Mom And Children

orange paper hearts on sticks planted in green grass

Orange Paper Hearts On Sticks Planted In Green Grass

white lilies in beam of light

White Lilies In Beam Of Light

table of fresh fruit and lemon water outdoors

Table Of Fresh Fruit And Lemon Water Outdoors

person wearing rainbow pride flag

Person Wearing Rainbow Pride Flag

a trio of green candles

A Trio Of Green Candles

table outdoors with assorted fruits on it

Table Outdoors With Assorted Fruits On It

woman with under eyes cosmetic patches

Woman With Under Eyes Cosmetic Patches

fitness model stretches pre-workout

Fitness Model Stretches Pre-Workout

a woman in a plain green shirt against a blue backdrop

A Woman In A Plain Green Shirt Against A Blue Backdrop

a couple holding hands stands in the snow

A Couple Holding Hands Stands In The Snow

woman carves a smiling jack o lantern

Woman Carves A Smiling Jack O Lantern

iconic flower

Iconic Flower

champagne cheers with well-dressed couple

Champagne Cheers With Well-Dressed Couple

book lays open with a fresh fig resting in the middle

Book Lays Open With A Fresh Fig Resting In The Middle

woman blends into the background of rubber ducks

Woman Blends Into The Background Of Rubber Ducks

model smiles and walks in green dress

Model Smiles And Walks In Green Dress

bright romantic bed and drinks

Bright Romantic Bed And Drinks

model wears glasses and stares into the light

Model Wears Glasses And Stares Into The Light

couple gaze into each other's eyes

Couple Gaze Into Each Other's Eyes

women chatting on blue velvet couch

Women Chatting On Blue Velvet Couch

red lipstick held up to bare lips

Red Lipstick Held Up To Bare Lips

fashion model dog

Fashion Model Dog

her silver shoes nestle amongst the confetti

Her Silver Shoes Nestle Amongst The Confetti

monochrome photo of a person painting on an easel

Monochrome Photo Of A Person Painting On An Easel

red toy boat in a swimming pool

Red Toy Boat In A Swimming Pool

portrait of men in festive suits

Portrait Of Men In Festive Suits

a cheese board and wine on a balcony at sunset

A Cheese Board And Wine On A Balcony At Sunset

hand holds tweezers above glass mosaic of flowers

Hand Holds Tweezers Above Glass Mosaic Of Flowers

wooden easel stands outside with a wood stool

Wooden Easel Stands Outside With A Wood Stool

a picnic outdoors with a novel fresh figs and chocolate

A Picnic Outdoors With A Novel Fresh Figs And Chocolate

a line up of chess pieces

A Line Up Of Chess Pieces

looking up and down

Looking Up And Down

colorful thread in box

Colorful Thread In Box

bernese mountain dog against black

Bernese Mountain Dog Against Black

women standing against trees

Women Standing Against Trees

close up cupped hands

Close Up Cupped Hands

woman in a green plain shirt crosses her arms

Woman In A Green Plain Shirt Crosses Her Arms

woman looks at camera and rests head on hand

Woman Looks At Camera And Rests Head On Hand

model sits in front of a giant cookie in a cookie-themed room

Model Sits In Front Of A Giant Cookie In A Cookie-Themed Room

two women stretch out like stars in the snow

Two Women Stretch Out Like Stars In The Snow

aerial view of a small coastal town

Aerial View Of A Small Coastal Town

plastic toy cow walks through play field

Plastic Toy Cow Walks Through Play Field

autumn tree leaves

Autumn Tree Leaves

black and white photo of a tangled movie reel

Black And White Photo Of A Tangled Movie Reel

a couple hold hands while walking through the snow

A Couple Hold Hands While Walking Through The Snow

a model smiles through a shower of confetti

A Model Smiles Through A Shower Of Confetti