Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

kids paint station

Kids Paint Station

person holds a pumpkin behind their back

Person Holds A Pumpkin Behind Their Back

teacher and student painting

Teacher And Student Painting

model in sunglasses and summer clothes

Model In Sunglasses And Summer Clothes

poker game on table top

Poker Game On Table Top

cessna aircraft on tarmac

Cessna Aircraft On Tarmac

work desk in order

Work Desk In Order

blossoming cherry tree

Blossoming Cherry Tree

red wall behind men's summer fashion

Red Wall Behind Men's Summer Fashion

business owners flatlay

Business Owners Flatlay

short haired drag queen in dramatic light

Short Haired Drag Queen In Dramatic Light

woman cross-legged with her eyes closed

Woman Cross-Legged With Her Eyes Closed

the family that laughs together

The Family That Laughs Together

model in heels and overalls with blue

Model In Heels And Overalls With Blue

a person carefully cuts through kraft paper

A Person Carefully Cuts Through Kraft Paper

gifts for mom

Gifts For Mom

hands holding up fresh rhubarb

Hands Holding Up Fresh Rhubarb

person holds three ting pumpkins behind their back

Person Holds Three Ting Pumpkins Behind Their Back

close up of female yoga outfit

Close Up Of Female Yoga Outfit

family dressed up

Family Dressed Up

makeup brush lays on vibrant red lipstick color

Makeup Brush Lays On Vibrant Red Lipstick Color

serious french bulldog

Serious French Bulldog

makeup collage

Makeup Collage

fishnet tights and silver high heels

Fishnet Tights And Silver High Heels

red and green gooseberries against white

Red And Green Gooseberries Against White

poker game night with friends

Poker Game Night With Friends

into the rabbit  hole and back into a garden of marigolds

Into The Rabbit Hole And Back Into a Garden Of Marigolds

glitter lipstick makeup

Glitter Lipstick Makeup

man with duffle looks up

Man With Duffle Looks Up

womans bust hand shoulder

Womans Bust Hand Shoulder

blue lollipop on black

Blue Lollipop On Black

stylish makeup and beauty

Stylish Makeup And Beauty

small orange pumpkin with green leaves behind

Small Orange Pumpkin With Green Leaves Behind

high contrast upward glance at pink flowers in bloom

High Contrast Upward Glance At Pink Flowers In Bloom

woman makes hand heart gesture in front of rainbow wall

Woman Makes Hand Heart Gesture In Front Of Rainbow Wall

autumn colors makeup and beauty

Autumn Colors Makeup And Beauty

woman sits in yoga pose

Woman Sits In Yoga Pose

pink tree flower blossoms

Pink Tree Flower Blossoms

woman poses with her hands on patterned rug

Woman Poses With Her Hands On Patterned Rug

glass with a pink drink in it on a white plate

Glass With A Pink Drink In It On A White Plate

placing a package in packing material

Placing A Package In Packing Material

two women making snow angels

Two Women Making Snow Angels

violin instrument on brown background

Violin Instrument On Brown Background

beauty products makeup brush and powders

Beauty Products Makeup Brush And Powders

a film reel lays tangled against a white background

A Film Reel Lays Tangled Against A White Background

stacking block tower game

Stacking Block Tower Game

light cherry blossom flowers

Light Cherry Blossom Flowers

mothers day side table

Mothers Day Side Table

light men's dress shirt

Light Men's Dress Shirt

mothers day breakfast in bed

Mothers Day Breakfast In Bed