Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

tattooed woman holds festive jack o lantern

Tattooed Woman Holds Festive Jack O Lantern

musical romantic afternoon picnic

Musical Romantic Afternoon Picnic

a couple share a moment under snow covered trees

A Couple Share A Moment Under Snow Covered Trees

man poses on city rooftop

Man Poses On City Rooftop

summer rooftop drink model

Summer Rooftop Drink Model

waving transgender pride flag

Waving Transgender Pride Flag

green and purple kale leaf curled on white surface

Green And Purple Kale Leaf Curled On White Surface

stack of hardcover books on a red armchair

Stack Of Hardcover Books On A Red Armchair

looking down at a stack of books on a red sofa chair

Looking Down At A Stack Of Books On A Red Sofa Chair

sparkles and fishnets drag queen pose

Sparkles And Fishnets Drag Queen Pose

person holds a large book on their lap and reads

Person Holds A Large Book On Their Lap And Reads

love note and roses

Love Note And Roses

a black and tan dog with amber eyes in a headscarf

A Black And Tan Dog With Amber Eyes In A Headscarf

a couple in love on a winter walk

A Couple In Love On A Winter Walk

peek-a-boo! a couple play behind trees

Peek-a-boo! A Couple Play Behind Trees

smiling jack o lantern in woman's lap

Smiling Jack O Lantern In Woman's Lap

floral fabric room

Floral Fabric Room

pride flag in low light

Pride Flag In Low Light

spire view canal

Spire View Canal

brass corners on leatherbound book

Brass Corners On Leatherbound Book

rooftops of a residential part of a sleepy town

Rooftops Of A Residential Part Of A Sleepy Town

looking up at the arc du triomphe

Looking Up At The Arc Du Triomphe

green red orange leaves

Green Red Orange Leaves

brown boxes tied up in a bow

Brown Boxes Tied Up In A Bow

a look across the sea from a mountain top

A Look Across The Sea From A Mountain Top

colorful jube jubes lay in the folds of a white silk sheet

Colorful Jube Jubes Lay In The Folds Of A White Silk Sheet

close up of a mug and a book in light

Close Up Of A Mug And A Book In Light

drag queen runs fingers through wig

Drag Queen Runs Fingers Through Wig

pansexual pride flag hand paint

Pansexual Pride Flag Hand Paint

a couple hold each other and share a smile

A Couple Hold Each Other And Share A Smile

a hand clasps an ornate dagger by the blade

A Hand Clasps An Ornate Dagger By The Blade

drag queen fashion

Drag Queen Fashion

kids hands molding clay on a messy table top

Kids Hands Molding Clay On A Messy Table Top

close up of a stack of books

Close Up Of A Stack Of Books

dj mixing music

DJ Mixing Music

a big fluffy dog with a necktie

A Big Fluffy Dog With A Necktie

hanukkah card and ornament

Hanukkah CArd And Ornament

a stone archway looking out to flourishing trees

A Stone Archway Looking Out To Flourishing Trees

patterned rolls of ribbon wrapped around card line shelves

Patterned Rolls Of Ribbon Wrapped Around Card Line Shelves

busy urban street

Busy Urban Street

tossing beach ball at the park

Tossing Beach Ball At The Park

bounding bichon

Bounding Bichon

small pumpkin being carved

Small Pumpkin Being Carved

thumbs up with genderqueer flag paint

Thumbs Up With Genderqueer Flag Paint

navy pants and white shirt men's fashion

Navy Pants And White Shirt Men's Fashion

person sits at a white workbench and works on a mosaic

Person Sits At A White Workbench And Works On A Mosaic

orange slices on a white background

Orange Slices On A White Background

vintage pink city car

Vintage Pink City Car

dog in velvet cape

Dog In Velvet Cape

a man holds out a skull in his palm

A Man Holds Out A Skull In His Palm