Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

man with duffle looks up

Man With Duffle Looks Up

woman laughing and posing by blue wall

Woman Laughing And Posing By Blue Wall

small orange pumpkin with green leaves behind

Small Orange Pumpkin With Green Leaves Behind

flowers for mom

Flowers For Mom

gay couple embrace and celebrate pride

Gay Couple Embrace And Celebrate Pride

tulips drink and books

Tulips Drink And Books

mothers day breakfast in bed

Mothers Day Breakfast In Bed

foaming blue water rolls over rocks

Foaming Blue Water Rolls Over Rocks

sparkling white wine and grapes

Sparkling White Wine And Grapes

kids painting and creating

Kids Painting And Creating

woman poses on blue patterned rug

Woman Poses On Blue Patterned Rug

women's fashion braids and summer tees

Women's Fashion Braids And Summer Tees

placing a package in packing material

Placing A Package In Packing Material

woman with braids looks off to horizon

Woman With Braids Looks Off To Horizon

summer fashion model walks in urban setting

Summer Fashion Model Walks In Urban Setting

women's dramatic summer fashion in greens

Women's Dramatic Summer Fashion In Greens

button tubes

Button Tubes

women's summer fashion and texting

Women's Summer Fashion And Texting

flowing summer green dress

Flowing Summer Green Dress

glass with a pink drink in it on a white plate

Glass With A Pink Drink In It On A White Plate

urban overall fashion

Urban Overall Fashion

blue lollipop on black

Blue Lollipop On Black

urban fashion modeled on the street

Urban Fashion Modeled On The Street

makeup brush lays on vibrant red lipstick color

Makeup Brush Lays On Vibrant Red Lipstick Color

picnic snacks wine and flowers

Picnic Snacks Wine And Flowers

kids coloring with mom

Kids Coloring With Mom

light men's dress shirt

Light Men's Dress Shirt

female model balances inside a giant yellow shoe

Female Model Balances Inside A Giant Yellow Shoe

dew covered red flowers

Dew Covered Red Flowers

female yoga fashion and mat

Female Yoga Fashion And Mat

afternoon picnic

Afternoon Picnic

smoke puff on black

Smoke Puff On Black

two friends get their stationary groove on

Two Friends Get Their Stationary Groove On

woman fashion model laughing at park

Woman Fashion Model Laughing At Park

jet plane tail and sky

Jet Plane Tail And Sky

young man with blue eyes portrait

Young Man With Blue Eyes Portrait

woman stretching on yoga mat

Woman Stretching On Yoga Mat

bright floral women's summer fashion

Bright Floral Women's Summer Fashion

fashion model poses over cement wall and blue sky

Fashion Model Poses Over Cement Wall And Blue Sky

single pink tulip in a clear vase

Single Pink Tulip In a Clear Vase

blue ribbon on gift

Blue Ribbon On Gift

artists home flatlay

Artists Home Flatlay

different colored lollipops on black

Different Colored Lollipops On Black

hand holds two make up brushes up

Hand Holds Two Make Up Brushes Up

white wine pouring with grapes

White Wine Pouring With Grapes

woman sifts through record sale

Woman Sifts Through Record Sale

navy floral men's casual fashion

Navy Floral Men's Casual Fashion

ukulele on blue background

Ukulele On Blue Background

medium shot of female yoga outfit

Medium Shot Of Female Yoga Outfit

block tower game falling on games night

Block Tower Game Falling On Games Night