Samantha Hurley

I am a Toronto-based Artist / Photographer / Director / Collaborator. Lover of food, art, fashion and fun people, finding adventure in every shoot. I am always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Samantha Hurley has contributed 2108 photos since September 2017

blue barn in a green field with a large sky

Blue Barn In A Green Field With A Large Sky

woman reading on park bench

Woman Reading On Park Bench

kids push mom on swing

Kids Push Mom On Swing

model in summer clothes

Model In Summer Clothes

a cheese and fruit board with cocktails

A Cheese And Fruit Board With Cocktails

woman in red dress rests her head on the walls of heart display

Woman In Red Dress Rests Her Head On The Walls Of Heart Display

small wet white pumpkin against black

Small Wet White Pumpkin Against Black

holiday gift on a red table covered in cedar

Holiday Gift On A Red Table Covered In Cedar

a toast to 2019

A Toast To 2019

color in dark place

Color In Dark Place

woman outdoors with her eyes closed with eye patches

Woman Outdoors With Her Eyes Closed With Eye Patches

formal party surprise

Formal Party Surprise

pale pink flowers and dark red leaves against house

Pale Pink Flowers And Dark Red Leaves Against House

cn tower cloudy sunset

CN Tower Cloudy Sunset

chess board with fallen pieces

Chess Board With Fallen Pieces

woman in blue yoga attire on blue rug

Woman In Blue Yoga Attire On Blue Rug

face vase and roses

Face Vase And Roses

awaiting the party

Awaiting The Party

getting close in formal fashion

Getting Close In Formal Fashion

purple smoke

Purple Smoke

woman in red dress poses in heart display

Woman In Red Dress Poses In Heart Display

women engaging in heated debate in formalwear

Women Engaging In Heated Debate In Formalwear

group conversation on the couch

Group Conversation On The Couch

green summer fashion in park

Green Summer Fashion In Park

film negatives catch sunlight stacked beside an open laptop

Film Negatives Catch Sunlight Stacked Beside An Open Laptop

person in pink walks in a field of small corn plants

Person In Pink Walks In A Field Of Small Corn Plants

hungarian hound dog

Hungarian Hound Dog

picnic basket book and ukulele

Picnic Basket Book And Ukulele

raising a glass together

Raising A Glass Together

hand made moose pinecone decoration

Hand Made Moose Pinecone Decoration

woman poses in the corner of a room of mirrors

Woman Poses In The Corner Of A Room Of Mirrors

dj spins and mixes

DJ Spins And Mixes

ripe strawberry cut in half on a white surface

Ripe Strawberry Cut In Half On A White Surface

woman stands in yoga attire

Woman Stands In Yoga Attire

afternoon picnic reading and ukulele

Afternoon Picnic Reading And Ukulele

low shot of women sitting on velvet couch

Low Shot Of Women Sitting On Velvet Couch

puppy sitting pretty

Puppy Sitting Pretty

crystal glass rests on a open novels spine

Crystal Glass Rests On A Open Novels Spine

woman posing with hair in hands

Woman Posing With Hair In Hands

flatlay of a picnic in the shadow of a lace umbrella

Flatlay Of A Picnic In The Shadow Of A Lace Umbrella

woman holds her hair in her hands

Woman Holds Her Hair In Her Hands

casual and creative at home

Casual And Creative At Home

baby girl on soft sofa

Baby Girl On Soft Sofa

woman catches her reflection in a wall of mirrors

Woman Catches Her Reflection In A Wall Of Mirrors

sporadically placed flowers on white

Sporadically Placed Flowers On White

candy cane close up

Candy Cane Close Up

red wine beneath the trees

Red Wine Beneath The Trees

a woman stands at the back of a massive white clock face

A Woman Stands At The Back Of A Massive White Clock Face

pale cherry tree flowers

Pale Cherry Tree Flowers

woman in blue in front of a window

Woman In Blue In Front Of A Window