Giuseppe Mondì

Father, husband, dreamer. Storyteller. Content Creator. Travel & lifestyle photography. From Tuscany with love.

location Florence, Italy

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Traditional Roofs And Modern Bridge | View photo

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the edge of a quarry with white rocks

The Edge Of A Quarry With White Rocks

home in a wall

Home In A Wall

metal lamp over wooden door

Metal Lamp Over Wooden Door

chez marie restaurant

Chez Marie Restaurant

church ceiling art

Church Ceiling Art

pastel moon

Pastel Moon

temple with colorful 3 bulb roof

Temple With Colorful 3 Bulb Roof

window with iron guards on yellow building

Window With Iron Guards On Yellow Building

portrait of a woman painted on wall

Portrait Of A Woman Painted On Wall

small rural building with windmill

Small Rural Building With Windmill

isolated wood cabin in snow

Isolated Wood Cabin In Snow

beach day at coney island

Beach Day At Coney Island

green hills lead to the sky

Green Hills Lead To The Sky

the interior of a white church

The Interior Of A White Church

winding road in the sandy desert

Winding Road In The Sandy Desert

infinite crops

Infinite Crops

small road winds through hillside town

Small Road Winds Through Hillside Town

a dark alley watched over

A Dark Alley Watched Over

vernazza city sunset

Vernazza City Sunset

snow cascading down mountain range

Snow Cascading Down Mountain Range

misty mountains overlook town

Misty Mountains Overlook Town

wooden cabin below snowcapped mountains

Wooden Cabin Below Snowcapped Mountains

the bardini gardens

The Bardini Gardens

streetcar on winding lisbon road

Streetcar On Winding Lisbon Road

a bare landscape stretches so far

A Bare Landscape Stretches So Far

stone walls on rocks

Stone Walls On Rocks

golden sunset over rolling hills

Golden Sunset Over Rolling Hills

mist rolls through foreground of landscape

Mist Rolls Through Foreground Of Landscape

iceberg ahead!

Iceberg Ahead!

person looks tiny amongst tall trees

Person Looks TIny Amongst Tall Trees

urban boat ride

Urban Boat Ride

ski lifts making their way up a mountain

Ski Lifts Making Their Way Up A Mountain

wooden barn nestled on grassy hillside

Wooden Barn Nestled On Grassy Hillside

winter cabin surrounded by mountains

Winter Cabin Surrounded By Mountains

tall trees lead to a house in the distance

Tall Trees Lead To A House In The Distance

man walks across hallway

Man Walks Across Hallway

street art on building in lisbon

Street Art On Building In Lisbon

skull couple wall art

Skull Couple Wall Art

take my hand...

Take My Hand...

a city sitting upon a hilltop

A City Sitting Upon A Hilltop

several plants in a greenhouse

Several Plants In A Greenhouse

bridge wires against blue sky

Bridge Wires Against Blue Sky

tropical hammock on the beach

Tropical Hammock On The Beach

matching brown doors and shutters

Matching Brown Doors And Shutters

basilica of santa croce color smoke

Basilica Of Santa Croce Color Smoke

bridge wires frame waving flag

Bridge Wires Frame Waving Flag

snowy mountain slope

Snowy Mountain Slope

scattered houses on hillside

Scattered Houses On Hillside

waves lapping at base of mountain

Waves Lapping At Base Of Mountain

log cabin reflected in pond backed by mountains

Log Cabin Reflected in Pond Backed By Mountains