Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

make your way to your seat

Make Your Way To Your Seat

icicles wall

Icicles Wall

water flowing over ice

Water Flowing Over Ice

icy waterfall

Icy Waterfall

ice fall

Ice Fall

dark river through bright forest

Dark River Through Bright Forest

almost full auditorium

Almost Full Auditorium

frozen valley

Frozen Valley

frozen river falls

Frozen River Falls

waterfall over ice

Waterfall Over Ice

frozen falls

Frozen Falls

spiky brown flowers

Spiky Brown Flowers

watch your step!

Watch Your Step!

mellow mallard

Mellow Mallard

model chicken

Model Chicken

small building on pier

Small Building On Pier

chicken toes

Chicken Toes

chicken shade

Chicken Shade

gnarly tree bark

Gnarly Tree Bark

thoughtful hen

Thoughtful Hen

wall-mounted water fountain

Wall-mounted Water Fountain

black and red chicken

Black And Red Chicken



construction on pier

Construction On Pier

a moutain biker on a hillside

A Moutain Biker On A Hillside

an expanse of city

An Expanse Of City

large mountains surround a city

Large Mountains Surround A City

a birds eye view of a city

A Birds Eye View Of A City

a large stretch of city scape

A Large Stretch Of City Scape

rugged mountain range

Rugged Mountain Range

rugged mountains

Rugged Mountains

mountains in the desert

Mountains In The Desert

biking in the desert

Biking In The Desert

deep blue sky and mountains

Deep Blue Sky And Mountains

daytime moon and rocks

Daytime Moon And Rocks

juarez cityscape

Juarez Cityscape

rocky mountain desert

Rocky Mountain Desert

santa gives silver coin

Santa Gives Silver Coin

summer midday moon

Summer Midday Moon

seasons in a forest

Seasons In A Forest

rocky road

Rocky Road

la equis in juarez

La Equis In Juarez

mountain peaks and blue sky

Mountain Peaks And Blue Sky

scrubby desert hillside

Scrubby Desert Hillside

desert walking

Desert Walking

desert plant life

Desert Plant Life

houses under blue desert sky

Houses Under Blue Desert Sky

blue breakthrough over mountains

Blue Breakthrough Over Mountains

desert mountains

Desert Mountains

desert homes

Desert Homes