Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

sandy beach by rocky cliffs

Sandy Beach By Rocky Cliffs

bright office working

Bright Office Working

mother and toddler opening christmas presents

Mother And Toddler Opening Christmas Presents

piggy bank on blue

Piggy Bank On Blue

peel off face mask

Peel Off Face Mask

writing at desk

Writing At Desk

hand shake meeting

Hand Shake Meeting

saving cash in bank

Saving Cash In Bank

spring in dirt with flower pedals

Spring In Dirt With Flower Pedals

black, silver, and gold balloons

Black, Silver, And Gold Balloons

activated charcoal face mask (peel off)

Activated Charcoal Face Mask (Peel Off)

drone birds eye photo of striker kicking portrait

Drone Birds Eye Photo of Striker Kicking Portrait

standing in woods

Standing In Woods

light house on rocky cliff in italy

Light House On Rocky Cliff In Italy

toy drive donation box

Toy Drive Donation Box

dancers pose yoga

Dancers Pose Yoga

woman listening to music

Woman Listening To Music

mother playing with son in bedroom

Mother Playing With Son In Bedroom

pouring pint of beer

Pouring Pint Of Beer

christmas lights

Christmas Lights

women's fitness band

Women's Fitness Band

round parkade architecture

Round Parkade Architecture

judgement gavel on white

Judgement Gavel On White

proud pigeon pose

Proud Pigeon Pose

pine trees sorted and tagged

Pine Trees Sorted And Tagged

woman texting on gradient iphone

Woman Texting on Gradient iPhone

black and white ballet in window

Black And White Ballet In Window

female hands in the center

Female Hands In The Center

rinsing soapy hands in water

Rinsing Soapy Hands In Water

christmas morning cuddles

Christmas Morning Cuddles

cup of tea cookie

Cup Of Tea Cookie

makeup artists lipstick palette

Makeup Artists Lipstick Palette

futurisitc building design

Futurisitc Building Design

girl smiles in winter coat

Girl Smiles In Winter Coat

woman writing code

Woman Writing Code

little boy in playground looking to the right

Little Boy In Playground Looking To The Right

sailing duo

Sailing Duo

one little sprout growing

One Little Sprout Growing

dramatic portrait young woman

Dramatic Portrait Young Woman

rotting wood texture

Rotting Wood Texture

eagle arms yoga

Eagle Arms Yoga

purple and green ink from side

Purple And Green Ink From Side

woman surprised

Woman Surprised

colorful bath bombs

Colorful Bath Bombs

loft style bedroom

Loft Style Bedroom

dark hair woman sun flares

Dark Hair Woman Sun Flares

young woman gazes out of a rustic window

Young Woman Gazes Out Of A Rustic Window

group job interview

Group Job Interview

rooibos looseleaf tea

Rooibos Looseleaf Tea

gavel on law books

Gavel On Law Books