Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

shipping boxes on trolly close up

Shipping Boxes On Trolly Close Up

woman meditating hip opener

Woman Meditating Hip Opener

makeup shadows and blushes

Makeup Shadows And Blushes

cash smartphone

Cash Smartphone

job interview woman

Job Interview Woman

father holding baby girl

Father Holding Baby Girl

toddler plays with advent calendar

Toddler Plays With Advent Calendar

young man texting

Young Man Texting

desk office workspace flatlay

Desk Office Workspace Flatlay

toddler opens christmas presents

Toddler Opens Christmas Presents

sports stadium crowds

Sports Stadium Crowds

up subway stairs

Up Subway Stairs

lion standing on edge looking down

Lion Standing On Edge Looking Down

puppy sits on her bed

Puppy Sits On Her Bed

soccer stadium at night

Soccer Stadium At Night

turquoise brick wall texture

Turquoise Brick Wall Texture

dad at the park

Dad At The Park

vertical cirtus slices

Vertical Cirtus Slices

a brussels griffon protects laundry

A Brussels Griffon Protects Laundry

city winter street

City Winter Street

lip balm addict

Lip Balm Addict

money saving bank

Money Saving Bank

womens fall fashion in autumn landscape

Womens Fall Fashion In Autumn Landscape

hand tossing pebbles

Hand Tossing Pebbles

christmas morning toddler portrait

Christmas Morning Toddler Portrait

woman wanderer

Woman Wanderer

Green And White Marbled Coloring

Green And White Marbled Coloring

broccoli pieces on green surface

Broccoli Pieces On Green Surface

yellow tv set on monochromatic seamless backdrop

Yellow TV Set On Monochromatic Seamless Backdrop

girl holding sidewalk chalk

Girl Holding Sidewalk Chalk

looking up at pine forest

Looking Up At Pine Forest

body positivity group

Body Positivity Group

rooibos tea

Rooibos Tea

video game controller top

Video Game Controller Top

woman wearing athletic leggings

Woman Wearing Athletic Leggings

love written in stones

Love Written In Stones

excited friends on couch

Excited Friends On Couch

nature photographers shooting

Nature Photographers Shooting

young businesswoman smiling portrait

Young businesswoman Smiling Portrait

woman silhouette sunset

Woman Silhouette Sunset

happy couple swings toddler on christmas morning

Happy Couple Swings Toddler On Christmas Morning

friendly smiling man

Friendly Smiling Man

hand washing in the kitchen

Hand Washing In The Kitchen

female hands in the center sideview

Female Hands In The Center Sideview

city woman exercising outdoors

City Woman Exercising Outdoors

woman watching beach sunrise

Woman Watching Beach Sunrise

multitasking at desk

Multitasking At Desk

golden eagle face and beak

Golden Eagle Face And Beak

laughing man

Laughing Man

a woman points her toes while stretching her legs in pool

A Woman Points Her Toes While Stretching Her Legs In Pool