Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

close up of red flower on green

Close Up Of Red Flower On Green

brussels griffon dog looks away

Brussels Griffon Dog Looks Away

close up of puppys eyes

Close Up Of Puppys Eyes

concrete industrial walls

Concrete Industrial Walls

laid down brussels griffon

Laid Down Brussels Griffon

macro image of yellow flower

Macro Image Of Yellow Flower

close up of water droplets

Close Up Of Water Droplets

brussels griffon puppy looks sleepy

Brussels Griffon Puppy Looks Sleepy

shadows cast over brussels griffon puppy

Shadows Cast Over Brussels Griffon Puppy

brussels griffon dog poses for the camera

Brussels Griffon Dog Poses For The Camera

puzzle pieces on a black background

Puzzle Pieces On A Black Background

puzzle pieces scattered across a surface

Puzzle Pieces Scattered Across A Surface

hands cradle fresh sourdough bread

Hands Cradle Fresh Sourdough Bread

a brussels griffon protects laundry

A Brussels Griffon Protects Laundry

close up of fresh bread

Close Up Of Fresh Bread

freshly baked bread in hands

Freshly Baked Bread In Hands

brussels griffon dog lays in the window light

Brussels Griffon Dog Lays In The Window Light

an earth day centerpiece

An Earth Day Centerpiece

sign saying celebrate earth day

Sign Saying Celebrate Earth Day

blooming blush rose

Blooming Blush Rose

happy earth day to everyone

Happy Earth Day To Everyone

white roses against a black backdrop

White Roses Against A Black Backdrop

autumn leaves in forest

Autumn Leaves In Forest

vintage camera in babbling brook

Vintage Camera In Babbling Brook

mysterious forest during autumn

Mysterious Forest During Autumn

locks on the metal fence

Locks On The Metal Fence

love locks on the fence

Love Locks On The Fence

white and black stone wall

White And Black Stone Wall

padlocks on the fence

Padlocks On The Fence

a bunch of cardboard pizza boxes

A Bunch Of Cardboard Pizza Boxes

close up of undeveloped flower bud

Close Up Of Undeveloped Flower Bud

undeveloped flower bud

Undeveloped Flower Bud

woman with a face mask

Woman With A Face Mask

portrait of a woman wearing disposable face mask

Portrait Of A Woman Wearing Disposable Face Mask

woman in grey sweater wearing disposable face mask

Woman In Grey Sweater Wearing Disposable Face Mask

woman with brown hair wearing disposable face mask

Woman With Brown Hair Wearing Disposable Face Mask

woman wearing disposable face mask

Woman Wearing Disposable Face Mask

caution tape on glass

Caution Tape On Glass

closed roadside sign

Closed Roadside Sign

closed sign shown at roadside

Closed Sign Shown At Roadside

closed roadside sign by apple orchard

Closed Roadside Sign By Apple Orchard

temporarily closed sign on door

Temporarily Closed Sign On Door

temporarily closed sign on store front

Temporarily Closed Sign On Store Front

business with a temporarily closed side

Business With A Temporarily Closed Side

flowering tree near building

Flowering Tree Near Building

peony blossom in a vase

Peony Blossom In A Vase

beetroot salad with garlic and parsley

Beetroot Salad With Garlic And Parsley

seasoned beetroot salad

Seasoned Beetroot Salad

beetroot salad on the plate

Beetroot Salad On The Plate

just unfolded bud

Just Unfolded Bud