Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

lone swan on dark water

Lone Swan On Dark Water

couple entwined arms toast

Couple Entwined Arms Toast

desert walking

Desert Walking

junkyard car interior

Junkyard Car Interior

waterfall rains down to the rocks below

Waterfall Rains Down To The Rocks Below

dark river through bright forest

Dark River Through Bright Forest

where the street have no snow

Where The Street Have No Snow

mitts and pine tree

Mitts And Pine Tree

water treatment plant from above

Water Treatment Plant From Above

close up of a worn barn exterior

Close Up Of A Worn Barn Exterior

fall leaves hanging from branch

Fall Leaves Hanging From Branch

beaten dirt road between rows of orange trees in orchard

Beaten Dirt Road Between Rows Of Orange Trees In Orchard

swan head under water

Swan Head Under Water

fallen trees over river

Fallen Trees Over River

little flowers huddled around a branch in the dark

Little Flowers Huddled Around A Branch In The Dark

texting santa

Texting Santa

flamingo scratching

Flamingo Scratching

a white flower on a twig in the dark

A White Flower On A Twig In The Dark

group of farm chickens

Group Of Farm Chickens

magnolia bud

Magnolia Bud

pencils, shavings, and sharpener

Pencils, Shavings, And Sharpener

aerial view of trees on a red-soil hillside

Aerial View Of Trees On A Red-Soil Hillside

ballet dancer back

Ballet Dancer Back

red rooftops and curved streets of lisbon portugal

Red Rooftops And Curved Streets Of Lisbon Portugal

grape hyacinths against pink background

Grape Hyacinths Against Pink Background

rooftops and pools of a florida residential neighbourhood

Rooftops And Pools Of A Florida Residential Neighbourhood

model in green sneakers and black denim leaning on wall

Model In Green Sneakers And Black Denim Leaning On Wall

foamy waves claw at the base of a cliff

Foamy Waves Claw At The Base Of A Cliff

headless spray cans

Headless Spray Cans

seasons in a forest

Seasons In A Forest

upside down bedroom fashion

Upside Down Bedroom Fashion

decorations face the light

Decorations Face The Light

coloring pencils and shavings

Coloring Pencils And Shavings

pink flamingo body walking

Pink Flamingo Body Walking

dried up flower in the wild

Dried Up Flower In The Wild

how great stories start

How Great Stories Start

blue and white muscari flowers on pink

Blue And White Muscari Flowers On Pink

detailed close up of two muscari flowers

Detailed Close Up Of Two Muscari Flowers

tourists climb mexican ruins

Tourists Climb Mexican Ruins

close up white lily of the valley flower

Close Up White Lily Of The Valley Flower

broken shards of glass hanging in a boarded up window

Broken Shards Of Glass Hanging In A Boarded Up Window

skylon tower and blue skyes

Skylon Tower And Blue Skyes

man at snowy waters edge

Man At Snowy Waters Edge

two dirty feet on mossy ground

Two Dirty Feet On Mossy Ground

white patterned sneakers on wooden wall

White Patterned Sneakers On Wooden Wall

close up of tree bark

Close Up Of Tree Bark

lush palm fronds crowded together in sunshine

Lush Palm Fronds Crowded Together In Sunshine

camel staredown

Camel Staredown

grey skies over city lights

Grey Skies Over City Lights

aging number keypad

Aging Number Keypad