Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

hands peel corn husk

Hands Peel Corn Husk

two hands in handcuffs lean on bars of a prison cell

Two Hands In Handcuffs Lean On Bars Of A Prison Cell

ariel view of ice formations along the water

Ariel View Of Ice Formations Along The Water

lilies in a vase

Lilies In A Vase

reaching for tools

Reaching For Tools

dry bare branches of orange tree weighed down with fruit

Dry Bare Branches Of Orange Tree Weighed Down With Fruit

hanging branches capture the sunlight

Hanging Branches Capture The Sunlight

snowy antique car

Snowy Antique Car

hanging out with friends on the beach

Hanging Out With Friends On The Beach

boating adventures with friends

Boating Adventures With Friends

two feet emerge from the darkness of the morgue freezer

Two Feet Emerge From The Darkness Of The Morgue Freezer

womens party dress fashion lying on floor

Womens Party Dress Fashion Lying On floor

ballet dancer back

Ballet Dancer Back

person holds cardboard sign in protest

Person Holds Cardboard Sign In Protest

winter vines on brick

Winter Vines On Brick

terracotta city roofs

Terracotta City Roofs

wilting petals on white flowers

Wilting Petals On White Flowers

metalwork with blowtorch

Metalwork With Blowtorch

towering palm trees and lily pads surround florida pond

Towering Palm Trees And Lily Pads Surround Florida Pond

clippers trim a mans beard

Clippers Trim A Mans Beard

walkway tunnel underground

Walkway Tunnel Underground

a window washer dangles from a skyscraper

A Window Washer Dangles From A Skyscraper

emerald green tennis court as seen from above by a drone

Emerald Green Tennis Court As Seen From Above By A Drone

gnarly tree bark

Gnarly Tree Bark

2021 planning the year ahead

2021 Planning The Year Ahead

a sea of blue bells in a dark field

A Sea Of Blue Bells In A Dark Field

washrooms under the bleachers

Washrooms Under The Bleachers

rainbow falls

Rainbow Falls

portuguese city levels

Portuguese City Levels

heating metal ring

Heating Metal Ring

a woman in a white linen dress strolls through florida grove

A Woman In A White Linen Dress Strolls Through Florida Grove

mountain peaks and blue sky

Mountain Peaks And Blue Sky

a crowd holds up their phones in the sun

A Crowd Holds Up Their Phones In The Sun

coloring pencils on black

Coloring Pencils On Black

ballet stretch and warm up

Ballet Stretch And Warm Up

seeking strawberries

Seeking Strawberries

womens fashion with sweets

Womens Fashion With Sweets

a cave gulps in icy water out the side of a cliff

A Cave Gulps In Icy Water Out The Side Of A Cliff

empty subway car

Empty Subway Car

mini jungle on the water

Mini Jungle On The Water

rubber duckies

Rubber Duckies

cookie and milk for santa

Cookie And Milk For Santa

a stream cut dark shapes through the snow

A Stream Cut Dark Shapes Through The Snow

white patterned sneakers on wooden wall

White Patterned Sneakers On Wooden Wall

rows of rubber duck toys

Rows Of Rubber Duck Toys

brown llama poses

Brown Llama Poses

washing skyscraper windows

Washing Skyscraper Windows

dried up flower in the wild

Dried Up Flower In The Wild

green palm leaves spread like a peacock's plume

Green Palm Leaves Spread Like A Peacock'S Plume

headless spray cans

Headless Spray Cans