Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

two hands in handcuffs lean on bars of a prison cell

Two Hands In Handcuffs Lean On Bars Of A Prison Cell

tiled desolation

Tiled Desolation

autumn leaves in forest

Autumn Leaves In Forest

graffitied balconies

Graffitied Balconies

snow-covered circular streets

Snow-Covered Circular Streets

woman in winter fashion sits by foot of waterfall

Woman In Winter Fashion Sits By Foot Of Waterfall

daffodil portrait close up

Daffodil Portrait Close Up

red party dress in silver room

Red Party Dress In Silver Room

deep blue sky and mountains

Deep Blue Sky And Mountains

cookie and milk for santa

Cookie And Milk For Santa

two fishermen stand in river

Two Fishermen Stand In River

filing a ring

Filing A Ring

is this the right product?

Is This The Right Product?

an earth day centerpiece

An Earth Day Centerpiece

winter vines on brick

Winter Vines On Brick

jewelers work desk

Jewelers Work Desk

model sitting quietly on cement wall to check their phone

Model Sitting Quietly On Cement Wall To Check Their Phone

portrait holding a small pride flag

Portrait Holding A Small Pride Flag

artistic chicken portrait

Artistic Chicken Portrait

vibrant green romanesco broccoli up close

Vibrant Green Romanesco Broccoli Up Close

two people exchange groceries at curbside

Two People Exchange Groceries At Curbside

chubby komodo dragon

Chubby Komodo Dragon

crane walking away in water

Crane Walking Away In Water

rustic wooden barn on a stone foundation

Rustic Wooden Barn On A Stone Foundation

blooming blush rose

Blooming Blush Rose

waterfalls on wide river

Waterfalls On Wide River

white round buds on branch

White Round Buds On Branch

green and sandy cliffs

Green And Sandy Cliffs

hide and seeking yak

Hide And Seeking Yak

a sea of blue bells in a dark field

A Sea Of Blue Bells In A Dark Field

sale on typewriter !

Sale On Typewriter !

fisherman looks towards shore

Fisherman Looks Towards Shore

jeweler filing ring

Jeweler Filing Ring

aerial view of swimming pool and waterslides from drone

Aerial View Of Swimming Pool And Waterslides From Drone

an expanse of city

An Expanse Of City

looking down at spray cans

Looking Down At Spray Cans

woman hides behind dry harvest leaves

Woman Hides Behind Dry Harvest Leaves

buckle up!

Buckle Up!

a woman in a white linen dress strolls through florida grove

A Woman In A White Linen Dress Strolls Through Florida Grove

birds eye view of a fisherman standing in the river

Birds Eye View Of A Fisherman Standing In The River

a field of fans

A Field Of Fans

palm tree leaves against a summery blue sky

Palm Tree Leaves Against A Summery Blue Sky

construction on pier

Construction On Pier

dropping river

Dropping River

the faint shape of a prisoner behind black prison bars

The Faint Shape Of A Prisoner Behind Black Prison Bars

yellow flower in water

Yellow Flower In Water

hands gingerly hold human skull

Hands Gingerly Hold Human Skull

modern dance pose by wall

Modern Dance Pose By Wall

teal hot air balloon floats up into white puffy clouds

Teal Hot Air Balloon Floats Up Into White Puffy Clouds

boating adventures with friends

Boating Adventures With Friends