Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

women with surveillance cameras

Women With Surveillance Cameras

woman with dreadlocks

Woman With Dreadlocks

woman with dog dark alley

Woman With Dog Dark Alley

woman winter landscape

Woman Winter Landscape

woman wandering in forest

Woman Wandering In Forest

woman playing guitar

Woman Playing Guitar

woman looking at horizon

Woman Looking At Horizon

woman in vintage car

Woman In Vintage Car

woman holding flower

Woman Holding Flower

woman in field

Woman In Field

woman behind rainy window

Woman Behind Rainy Window

window iced over

Window Iced Over

under the bridge

Under The Bridge

ugly swan

Ugly Swan

train entering subway station

Train Entering Subway Station

telephone wires at sunset

Telephone Wires At Sunset

summer portrait of woman

Summer Portrait Of Woman

shoveling winter snow

Shoveling Winter Snow

pug in city

Pug In City

pug in blanket

Pug In Blanket

prairie woman at sunset

Prairie Woman At Sunset

playing guitar fretboard

Playing Guitar Fretboard

playing acoustic guitar

Playing Acoustic Guitar

musician playing guitar

Musician Playing Guitar

manhattan skyline nyc

Manhattan Skyline NYC

man & woman holding hands

Man & Woman Holding Hands

man waiting alone

Man Waiting Alone

man alone in darkness

Man Alone In Darkness

maid of the mist niagara falls

Maid Of The Mist Niagara Falls

construction at night

Construction at Night

women drinking tea

Women Drinking Tea

cn tower closeup

CN Tower Closeup

looking up at a skyscraper at night

Looking Up at a Skyscraper at Night

bicycle outside apartment building

Bicycle Outside Apartment Building

public transportation: bus seats

Public Transportation: Bus Seats

dog at the park

Dog at the Park

honest eds toronto

Honest Eds Toronto

holding hands

Holding Hands

high contrast dog photo

High Contrast Dog Photo

green and pink flower

Green And Pink Flower

girl in subway station

Girl In Subway Station

empty urban hallway

Empty Urban Hallway

empty streetcar ttc

Empty Streetcar Ttc

empty city transit

Empty City Transit

downtown skyscrapers

Downtown Skyscrapers

dog staying warm

Dog Staying Warm

dog in the shadows

Dog In The Shadows

dog in sunlight

Dog In Sunlight

dog closeup

Dog Closeup

womans hands holding coffee

Womans Hands Holding Coffee