Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Sarah Pflug has contributed 1956 photos since June 2017

grinding a ledge with a skateboard

Grinding A Ledge With A Skateboard

a woman sat with coffee at the foot of a sofa

A Woman Sat With Coffee At The Foot Of A Sofa

three woman stand in front of a pink backdrop

Three Woman Stand In Front Of A Pink Backdrop

three women discuss over coffee and laptops

Three Women Discuss Over Coffee And Laptops

a deer in the woods

A Deer In The Woods

aged hands hold a fishing rod over still waters

Aged Hands Hold A Fishing Rod Over Still Waters

a letter board spells out "no new friends"

A Letter Board Spells Out "No New Friends"

a letter board spells out "not today"

A Letter Board Spells Out "Not Today"

flower buds on a branch sit in a jug of water

Flower Buds On A Branch Sit In A Jug Of Water

a woman with a bowl of tomatoes and peppers

A Woman With A Bowl Of Tomatoes And Peppers

old white dandelions in a white jug on a wooden table

Old White Dandelions In A White Jug On A Wooden Table

beautiful kitchen utensils in bright wooden kitchen

Beautiful Kitchen Utensils In Bright Wooden Kitchen

a little villa at the base of a green rocky hill

A Little Villa At the Base Of A Green Rocky Hill

cosmetics and stationery for the holiday

Cosmetics And Stationery For The Holiday

stationery and pin badges

Stationery And Pin Badges

sunglasses and nail polish for holidays

Sunglasses And Nail Polish For Holidays

three notebooks against a pink background

Three Notebooks Against A Pink Background

airpods and a notebook for travel

Airpods And A Notebook For Travel

packing sunglasses and cosmetics for a holiday

Packing Sunglasses And Cosmetics For A Holiday

mid-air flip

Mid-Air Flip

cn towering

CN Towering

bright colored walls brighten up a street

Bright Colored Walls Brighten Up A Street

baroque style organs in a cathedral

Baroque Style Organs in a Cathedral

nun snaps a photo in an old church

Nun Snaps A Photo In An Old Church

ornate design of a spanish building

Ornate Design Of A Spanish Building

mobile phone photography in spain

Mobile Phone Photography In Spain

bright white lily against green leaves

Bright White Lily Against Green Leaves

sunlight creeps through a bright living room

Sunlight Creeps Through A Bright Living Room

a mediterranean scene with terracotta pot

A Mediterranean Scene With Terracotta Pot

little boat on the water

Little Boat On The Water

mountain winding roads

Mountain Winding Roads

towering temple expiatori

Towering Temple Expiatori

royal palace of madrid

Royal Palace Of Madrid

spanish market mixings

Spanish Market Mixings

inside the brewery

Inside The Brewery

mountain of meaty sandwiches

Mountain Of Meaty Sandwiches

ready, set, picnic

Ready, Set, Picnic

metal straws in jar

Metal Straws In Jar

veg and wooden cutlery

Veg And Wooden Cutlery

flatlay of picnic prep

Flatlay Of Picnic Prep

wooden cutlery on linen

Wooden Cutlery On Linen

healthy breakfast pots

Healthy Breakfast Pots

packing to eat outdoors

Packing To Eat Outdoors

metal drinking straws on wood

Metal Drinking Straws On Wood

healthy breakfast time

Healthy Breakfast time

a pink and white letter board spells out "anti-social"

A Pink And White Letter Board Spells Out "Anti-Social"

the alphabet on a letter board

The Alphabet On A Letter Board

inspirational quote on letter board

Inspirational Quote On Letter Board

two hands sign the word "us"

Two Hands Sign The Word "Us"

three hands sign the word "new"

Three Hands Sign The Word "New"