Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 1956 photos since June 2017

athlete stretches

Athlete Stretches

kids on christmas

Kids On Christmas

ginger ground and raw root

Ginger Ground And Raw Root

blush coloured couch with blankets

Blush Coloured Couch With Blankets

tools for carpentry

Tools For Carpentry

the letter "c" displayed in american sign language

The Letter "C" Displayed In American Sign Language

slicing tomato

Slicing Tomato

the letter "b" displayed in american sign language

The Letter "B" Displayed In American Sign Language

stretching before a jog

Stretching Before A Jog

natural soap made with oatmeal

Natural Soap Made With Oatmeal

turkey legs on bbq

Turkey Legs On Bbq

santa on the couch

Santa On The Couch

sale sign on angled pink gray background

Sale Sign On Angled Pink Gray Background

bathrobe on bathroom door

Bathrobe On Bathroom Door

gold hair clipper

Gold Hair Clipper

happy pride sign with flag

Happy Pride Sign With Flag

sale lettering close up

Sale Lettering Close Up

iphone photography of pizza

Iphone Photography Of Pizza

wrapping gifts

Wrapping Gifts

young woman stretching in a park

Young Woman Stretching In A Park

birthday cake with candles

Birthday Cake With Candles

gold helium balloons on white wall

Gold Helium Balloons On White Wall

egg shape cooking

Egg Shape Cooking

clean desk in modern office

Clean Desk In Modern Office

two nail polishes on pink

Two Nail Polishes On Pink

tools for building construction

Tools For Building Construction

handshake on blue

Handshake On Blue

woman in santa hat

Woman In Santa Hat

red & white sangria

Red & White Sangria

two customers shop in retail store together

Two Customers Shop In Retail Store Together

business woman sits for job interview

Business Woman Sits For Job Interview

shadows cast over freshly cut fruit

Shadows Cast Over Freshly Cut Fruit

rolled bathroom towels

Rolled Bathroom Towels

pre run stretch by wall

Pre Run Stretch By Wall

small child with back to school sign

Small Child With Back To School Sign

cat chilling

Cat Chilling

valentines couple gift giving

Valentines Couple Gift Giving

flowers on house exterior

Flowers On House Exterior

store owner hands over shopping bag

Store Owner Hands Over Shopping Bag

young woman doing yoga pose against black wall

Young Woman Doing Yoga Pose Against Black Wall

bright red fruit growing on apple tree

Bright Red Fruit Growing On Apple Tree

sliced rye bread

Sliced Rye Bread

sunny overhead of desk

Sunny Overhead Of Desk

three green leaves

Three Green Leaves

romantic picnic in the grass

Romantic Picnic In The Grass

boy at park

Boy At Park

apron on, kitchen ready

Apron On, Kitchen Ready

vertical antique boxing gloves

Vertical Antique Boxing GLoves

casual black backpack

Casual Black Backpack

base coat beauty

Base Coat Beauty