Sarah Pflug

I enjoy the finer things in life such as cheese, chocolate and pickles. I have a passion for food photography and am constantly pushing myself to expand on my knowledge and experience.

location Toronto, Ontario

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Hand Holding Vanilla Milkshake | View photo

Sarah Pflug has contributed 1956 photos since June 2017

back to school peg board

Back To School Peg Board

house with green shutters

House With Green Shutters

tall thin trees blue sky

Tall Thin Trees Blue Sky

easter celebrations

Easter Celebrations

embroidery thread lined up for crafting

Embroidery Thread Lined Up For Crafting

a silver film reel canister and a movie clapper board

A Silver Film Reel Canister And A Movie Clapper Board

young woman in swimwear taking photo with colourful camera

Young Woman In Swimwear Taking Photo With Colourful Camera

red motorcycle

Red Motorcycle

a blue kettle and mug against a blue background

A Blue Kettle And Mug Against A Blue Background

close up of hardware screws

Close Up Of Hardware Screws

bowl of fresh picked strawberries

Bowl Of Fresh Picked Strawberries

afternoon picnic flatlay

Afternoon Picnic Flatlay

golf clubs driver

Golf Clubs Driver

carnival bottle game

Carnival Bottle Game

fishing tackle in hand

Fishing Tackle In Hand

fishing tackle box

Fishing Tackle Box

warming hands on campfire coffee

Warming Hands On Campfire Coffee

purple candy with sprinkles background

Purple Candy With Sprinkles Background

washing machine start button

Washing Machine Start Button

flatlay of a valentines day card with foil chocolate hearts

Flatlay Of A Valentines Day Card With Foil Chocolate Hearts

ballet dancer pointing toe

Ballet Dancer Pointing Toe

a deer in the woods

A Deer In The Woods

holiday chocolate treat

Holiday Chocolate Treat

a close up of a game of chess

A Close Up Of A Game Of Chess

trendy camera and notebook

Trendy Camera And Notebook

woman peeking through glittery partition

Woman Peeking Through Glittery Partition

giraffe among the trees

Giraffe Among The Trees

a bridge, a snowy forest, and romantic moment

A Bridge, A Snowy Forest, And Romantic Moment

ballet toe slippers

Ballet Toe Slippers

a tray of roasted chickpeas

A Tray Of Roasted Chickpeas

tools and brick on workbench

Tools And Brick On Workbench

a heart-shaped blackboard on a pink background

A Heart-Shaped Blackboard On A Pink Background

antique coffee grinder in hand

Antique Coffee Grinder In Hand

red and green chillies curl on the vine like flames

Red And Green Chillies Curl On the Vine Like Flames

crazy eights card game at table

Crazy Eights Card Game At Table

vintage and antique leather bound books

Vintage And Antique Leather Bound Books

small tools and brushes in holder

Small Tools And Brushes In Holder

wood gingerbread man sign

Wood Gingerbread Man Sign

holding a facial roller close up

Holding A Facial Roller Close Up

partygoers holding 2019 helium balloons

Partygoers Holding 2019 Helium Balloons

knitting needles neatly organized in their tool belt

Knitting Needles Neatly Organized In Their Tool Belt

halved dragon fruit

Halved Dragon Fruit

old white dandelions in a white jug on a wooden table

Old White Dandelions In A White Jug On A Wooden Table

windy metro tunnel

Windy Metro Tunnel

cat frolics on a dining table

Cat Frolics On A Dining Table

hand holds medal

Hand Holds Medal

santa browsing for gifts

Santa Browsing For Gifts

using a ring sizer

Using A Ring Sizer

backgammon and dice flat lay

Backgammon And Dice Flat Lay

cat investigates glassware in light

Cat Investigates Glassware In Light