Welcome to the adventures of The Nomad Barista – I'm Brodie, and my photography is inspired by exploring the world, connecting with different cultures, and of course coffee!

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Brodie has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

cactus on beach

Cactus On Beach

waterside mountain path

Waterside Mountain Path

rock ledge into ocean

Rock Ledge Into Ocean

tropical hut with palmtrees

Tropical Hut With Palmtrees

donkey on dirt road

Donkey On Dirt Road

legs dangling over cobble stone road

Legs Dangling Over Cobble Stone Road

glass building in tropical city

Glass Building In Tropical City

straw hut roof

Straw Hut Roof

ancient temple in trees

Ancient Temple In Trees

pyramid of the sun in fog

Pyramid Of The Sun In Fog

tropical urban beach shore

Tropical Urban Beach Shore

view of pyramid of the sun over ruins

View Of Pyramid Of The Sun Over Ruins

palacio de bellas artes wide shot

Palacio De Bellas Artes Wide Shot

pyramid of the sun

Pyramid Of The Sun

house exterior in tropics

House Exterior In Tropics

walk on historic stone tomb

Walk On Historic Stone Tomb

sunlit yellow building

Sunlit Yellow Building

man prays on stone temple ledge

Man Prays On Stone Temple Ledge

stone road lined with cars

Stone Road Lined With Cars

sunlight through treelined path

Sunlight Through Treelined Path

teotihuacan temples under blue skyes

Teotihuacan Temples Under Blue Skyes

the shard skyscraper london

The Shard Skyscraper London

st mary axe and sky

St Mary Axe And Sky

man leans over piers edge

Man Leans Over Piers Edge

black crow in flight

Black Crow In Flight

couple sits in british rain

Couple Sits In British Rain

union jack flies above castle

Union Jack Flies Above Castle

thames river passes london

Thames River Passes London

public subway underground

Public Subway Underground

royal statue the queen

Royal Statue The Queen

boat parked in english waters

Boat Parked In English Waters

london bridge details

London Bridge Details

towers of london bridge

Towers Of London Bridge

yellow door on brick home

Yellow Door On Brick Home

london skyline and gray sky

London Skyline And Gray Sky

english castle

English Castle

londons busy downtown

Londons Busy Downtown

crows fly over hills

Crows Fly Over Hills

london bridge over thames

London Bridge Over Thames

london double decker bus

London Double Decker Bus

cathedral in the trees

Cathedral In The Trees

spiral staircase from above

Spiral Staircase From Above

fish and chips sign

Fish And Chips Sign

downtown london england

Downtown London England

woman walking path with head covered

Woman Walking Path With Head Covered

hiking english hills

Hiking English Hills

path through mossy trees

Path Through Mossy Trees

clock tower in england

Clock Tower In England

green hill by growing city

Green Hill By Growing City

man jumping fence by field

Man Jumping Fence By Field