Welcome to the adventures of The Nomad Barista – I'm Brodie, and my photography is inspired by exploring the world, connecting with different cultures, and of course coffee!

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Rooftopper Looking Down | View photo

Brodie has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

central park pond

Central Park Pond

new york bridges

New York Bridges

brooklyn bridge looking up

Brooklyn Bridge Looking Up

man relaxing

Man Relaxing

view from rooftop

View From Rooftop

curved city street

Curved City Street

a tanned women in flowing beach robe walks along the beach

A Tanned Women In Flowing Beach Robe Walks Along the Beach

golden coffee beans after harvest

Golden Coffee Beans After Harvest

motorbike outside a cafe

Motorbike Outside A Cafe

sunny couch and shelved plants

Sunny Couch And Shelved Plants

nature close up of flowers and wasp

Nature Close Up Of Flowers And Wasp

euro stairs

Euro Stairs

close up shot woman's feet and anklet

Close Up Shot Woman's Feet And Anklet

hot plate cooking

Hot Plate Cooking

bridge new york

Bridge New York

boat parked in english waters

Boat Parked In English Waters

aged bourbon poured on rocks

Aged Bourbon Poured On Rocks

men's fashion man in shirt and jeans sat on steps

Men's Fashion Man In Shirt And Jeans Sat On Steps

coffee beans flowing through water

Coffee Beans Flowing Through Water

person swimming in clear pool

Person Swimming In Clear Pool

tree top structure

Tree Top Structure

large batch of coffee in roaster

Large Batch Of Coffee In Roaster

black sports car detail

Black Sports Car Detail

elephant snacks on bamboo

Elephant Snacks On Bamboo

dancing house and bus prague

Dancing House And Bus Prague

dinner is served

Dinner Is Served

water buffalo tied along dirt road overlooking valley

Water Buffalo Tied Along Dirt Road Overlooking Valley

modern cafe table

Modern Cafe Table

a monkey preens her children in the setting sun

A Monkey Preens Her Children In The Setting Sun

woman in black dress at beach

Woman In Black Dress At Beach

path through mossy trees

Path Through Mossy Trees

raw coffee being harvested

Raw Coffee Being Harvested

green hill by growing city

Green Hill By Growing City

modern skyscraper architecture

Modern Skyscraper Architecture

green trees between tall buildlings

Green Trees Between Tall Buildlings

sandy beach surrounded by rocky cliff and jungle

Sandy Beach Surrounded By Rocky Cliff And Jungle

cattle graze a field

Cattle Graze A Field

wooden loft space

Wooden Loft Space

man looks at feet

Man Looks At Feet

ancient temple in trees

Ancient Temple In Trees

one world trade tower

One World Trade Tower

ladder to the clouds

Ladder To The Clouds

rocky cliff plateau vantage point

Rocky Cliff Plateau Vantage Point

elephant on a cement floor

Elephant On A Cement Floor

view of pyramid of the sun over ruins

View Of Pyramid Of The Sun Over Ruins

green covered cliffs meet crashing waves

Green Covered Cliffs Meet Crashing Waves

crashing ocean waves in distance behind silhouette of woman

Crashing Ocean Waves In Distance Behind Silhouette Of Woman

dirt road through tropical greenery

Dirt Road Through Tropical Greenery

new york memorial

New York Memorial

ancient chinese temple

Ancient Chinese Temple