Welcome to the adventures of The Nomad Barista – I'm Brodie, and my photography is inspired by exploring the world, connecting with different cultures, and of course coffee!

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Rooftopper Looking Down | View photo

Brodie has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

unique multi-level roof

Unique Multi-Level Roof

teotihuacan pyramids

Teotihuacan Pyramids

dirt road to a small white cabin

Dirt Road To A Small White Cabin

man leans over piers edge

Man Leans Over Piers Edge

curly tendrils of potted plants on wooden shelf

Curly Tendrils Of Potted Plants On Wooden Shelf

zizkov tv tower from distance

Zizkov Tv Tower From Distance

woman holds potted flower in her hands

Woman Holds Potted Flower In Her Hands

woman leans on legs

Woman Leans On Legs

a thatch roofed bar perched on a rocky alcove

A Thatch Roofed Bar Perched On A Rocky Alcove

elephant on a cement floor

Elephant On A Cement Floor

path by canal

Path By Canal

tourist in rooftop walkway

Tourist In Rooftop Walkway

semi-visible building

Semi-visible Building

man sit casually on roof ledge

Man Sit Casually On Roof Ledge

pour over coffee competition

Pour Over Coffee Competition

vineyard overlooking mountains

Vineyard Overlooking Mountains

graffiti subway walls

Graffiti Subway Walls

chin ups at the park

Chin Ups At The Park

interior decor shelving with ceramic art

Interior Decor Shelving With Ceramic Art

curving skyscraper

Curving Skyscraper

winter river in city

Winter River In City

museo de antropologia water structure

Museo De Antropologia Water Structure

sports car rear view

Sports Car Rear View

couch on balcony

Couch On Balcony

gentle rolling waves cradle avid surfers

Gentle Rolling Waves Cradle Avid Surfers

flowers bloom in metropolitan area

Flowers Bloom In Metropolitan Area

black sports car spoiler

Black Sports Car Spoiler

coffee cup and coffee kettle

Coffee Cup And Coffee Kettle

a plant in a water jar by a window

A Plant In A Water Jar By A Window

fresh juice on cafe table

Fresh Juice On Cafe Table

small bare tree on snowy hillside

Small Bare Tree On Snowy Hillside

a woman takes a moment of peace with a book

A Woman Takes A Moment Of Peace With A Book

sunsets over thailand mountains

Sunsets Over Thailand Mountains

cyclist taking a leisurely ride through street

Cyclist Taking A Leisurely Ride Through Street

photograph the photographer

Photograph The Photographer

coffee cup on table

Coffee Cup On Table

coffee press into crystal

Coffee Press Into Crystal

water splashed into pool

Water Splashed Into Pool

man sitting comfortably on roof ledge

Man Sitting Comfortably On Roof Ledge

hot coffee in the morning

Hot Coffee In The Morning

a woman at the beach with patterned shawl around her shoulders

A Woman At The Beach With Patterned Shawl Around Her Shoulders

a monkey on a stone wall amongst the trees

A Monkey On A Stone Wall Amongst The Trees

smiling man with hands in pockets

Smiling Man With Hands In Pockets

iced coffee from above

Iced Coffee From Above

tall glass of fresh lemonade

Tall Glass Of Fresh Lemonade

adventure on narrow path

Adventure On Narrow Path

iced coffee with cream

Iced Coffee With Cream

cold brew coffee on tap

Cold Brew Coffee On Tap

snowy hillside man and tree

Snowy Hillside Man And Tree

fernsehturm berlin from distance

Fernsehturm Berlin From Distance