Welcome to the adventures of The Nomad Barista – I'm Brodie, and my photography is inspired by exploring the world, connecting with different cultures, and of course coffee!

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Rooftopper Looking Down | View photo

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skateboarder rides past

Skateboarder Rides Past

skateboard in sky

Skateboard In Sky

riding in the city

Riding In The City

ready for the halfpipe

Ready For The Halfpipe

country road cyclist

Country Road Cyclist

biking on city streets

Biking On City Streets

bikes take the turn

Bikes Take The Turn

bike from above

Bike From Above

vineyard at sunset

Vineyard At Sunset

woman walks bridge

Woman Walks Bridge

weathered doorway

Weathered Doorway

waters edge & plants

Waters Edge & Plants

waterfall from above

Waterfall From Above

walking in ruins

Walking In Ruins

walking bridge

Walking Bridge

tree reflected in stream

Tree Reflected In Stream

tree reaches up

Tree Reaches Up

traveller takes picture

Traveller Takes Picture

traveller looks down

Traveller Looks Down

travel photographer

Travel Photographer

the man in the hat

The Man In The Hat

temple walkway

Temple Walkway

tattooed feet on steep stairs

Tattooed Feet On Steep Stairs

tall trees from below

Tall Trees From Below

taking forest pictures

Taking Forest Pictures

sunset through leaves

Sunset Through Leaves

stepping close to the edge

Stepping Close To The Edge

standing on top of tree trunk

Standing On Top Of Tree Trunk

rushing stream

Rushing Stream

rocky hike

Rocky Hike

river rapids

River Rapids

free images of nature

Relaxing In Nature

picturing a mountain ridge

Picturing A Mountain Ridge

Wilderness of the hardwood forest: landscape and sunlight through plants and trees

Nature Photographer

man wades in waves

Man Wades In Waves

man views water

Man Views Water

man photographs nature

Man Photographs Nature

looking up at trees

Looking Up At Trees

looking over the bridge

Looking Over The Bridge

livin on the ledge

Livin On The Ledge

ladder to the clouds

Ladder To The Clouds

hiking the ridge

Hiking The Ridge

hiking the path up

Hiking The Path Up

hiking in brush

Hiking In Brush

green mountain

Green Mountain

green mountain trail

Green Mountain Trail

green meets desert

Green Meets Desert

grass by creek

Grass By Creek

forrest photographer

Forrest Photographer