Welcome to the adventures of The Nomad Barista – I'm Brodie, and my photography is inspired by exploring the world, connecting with different cultures, and of course coffee!

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Brodie has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

fernsehturm berlin from distance

Fernsehturm Berlin From Distance

beautiful dome building

Beautiful Dome Building

clay temple rooftop

Clay Temple Rooftop

coffee process with glassware at cafe

Coffee Process With Glassware At Cafe

wide angle chinese temple

Wide Angle Chinese Temple

young man on rooftop in brown coat

Young Man On Rooftop In Brown Coat

fresh iced coffee to go

Fresh Iced Coffee To Go

arched bridges over city river

Arched Bridges Over City River

fresh picked coffee beans for roasting

Fresh Picked Coffee Beans For Roasting

woman in punk wear

Woman In Punk Wear

minimalist wooden shelves

Minimalist Wooden Shelves

an old shed in a field

An Old Shed In A Field

roof top view

Roof Top View

steep path through forest

Steep Path Through Forest

sparkling cocktail in tall glass

Sparkling Cocktail In Tall Glass

dark-eyed water buffalo stares curiously up dirt road

Dark-Eyed Water Buffalo Stares Curiously Up Dirt Road

solitary surfer paddles out to the waves

Solitary Surfer Paddles Out To The Waves

antique ceramic coffee cup

Antique Ceramic Coffee Cup

a modern bathroom entrance

A Modern Bathroom Entrance

fresh double espresso being made by barista

Fresh Double Espresso Being Made By Barista

earth path through mountains

Earth Path Through Mountains

a vast expanse of skyscrapers blend into a hazy sky

A Vast Expanse Of Skyscrapers Blend Into A Hazy Sky

birds perched on wood beams of indonesian temple

Birds Perched On Wood Beams Of Indonesian Temple

aged hands walking stick and apron

Aged Hands Walking Stick And Apron

rustic bathroom sink

Rustic Bathroom Sink

german flag on urban roof

German Flag On Urban Roof

city break under trees

City Break Under Trees

footwear close up man tying shoelace

Footwear Close Up Man Tying Shoelace

chinese tea service

Chinese Tea Service

geometric concrete park

Geometric Concrete Park

two cyclists roll down a picturesque cobbled street

Two Cyclists Roll Down A Picturesque Cobbled Street

wooden woven bamboo walking bridge

Wooden Woven Bamboo Walking Bridge

cafe window with cup and flowers

Cafe Window With Cup And Flowers

pink blossoms over crumbling walls

Pink Blossoms Over Crumbling Walls

side table tea service

Side Table Tea Service

blue waves crash at base of cliff

Blue Waves Crash At Base Of Cliff

mans legs over cliff ledge

Mans Legs Over Cliff Ledge

chinese temple details

Chinese Temple Details

shining disco ball

Shining Disco Ball

brick wall sign forest fire warning

Brick Wall Sign Forest Fire Warning

metal shower head

Metal Shower Head

oceanside park

Oceanside Park

fresh baked pastry at modern cafe

Fresh Baked Pastry At Modern Cafe

geometric ceiling design

Geometric Ceiling Design

ladder to water

Ladder To Water

a red brick clock tower and church in a piazza at sunset

A Red Brick Clock Tower And Church In A Piazza At Sunset

water over wicker baskets

Water Over Wicker Baskets

a tribe of monkeys spectate collectively

A Tribe Of Monkeys Spectate Collectively

baiterek tower

Baiterek Tower

modern church choir balcony

Modern Church Choir Balcony