Welcome to the adventures of The Nomad Barista – I'm Brodie, and my photography is inspired by exploring the world, connecting with different cultures, and of course coffee!

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Brodie has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

fresh baked pastry at modern cafe

Fresh Baked Pastry At Modern Cafe

shining disco ball

Shining Disco Ball

oceanside park

Oceanside Park

canal in urban landscape

Canal In Urban Landscape

manhattan buildings

Manhattan Buildings

a red brick clock tower and church in a piazza at sunset

A Red Brick Clock Tower And Church In A Piazza At Sunset

ladder to water

Ladder To Water

cow walks up rust colored hill

Cow Walks Up Rust Colored Hill

vast mountain landscape

Vast Mountain Landscape

geometric ceiling design

Geometric Ceiling Design

a woman walks along side the water

A Woman Walks Along Side The Water

modern sculpture in urban park

Modern Sculpture In Urban Park

metal shower head

Metal Shower Head

water over wicker baskets

Water Over Wicker Baskets

shanghai night skyline

Shanghai Night Skyline

dry rocky landscape with low clouds

Dry Rocky Landscape With Low Clouds

a baby monkey looks startled in its tree

A Baby Monkey Looks Startled In Its Tree

grassy farm track

Grassy Farm Track

a bridge over rocks

A Bridge Over Rocks

roaster at local coffee business

Roaster At Local Coffee Business

scooter parking rows

Scooter Parking Rows

small leafy street with cyclists

Small Leafy Street With Cyclists

healthy smoothie on cafe table

Healthy Smoothie On Cafe Table

geometric ceiling

Geometric Ceiling

pouring hot water in cafe to make coffee

Pouring Hot Water In Cafe To Make Coffee

fresh juices and smoothies

Fresh Juices And Smoothies

rear detail of antique sports car

Rear Detail Of Antique Sports Car

wooden figure on a shelf

Wooden Figure On A Shelf

white and gold mosque

White And Gold Mosque

healthy ginger pear smoothie

Healthy Ginger Pear Smoothie

hidden house

Hidden House

tendrils of steam from coffee filter in the daylight

Tendrils Of Steam From Coffee Filter In The Daylight

resting on road bike

Resting On Road Bike

terracotta planters hung on a wall

Terracotta Planters Hung On A Wall

water falls over ridged surface

Water Falls Over Ridged Surface

long pour of freshly brewed coffee

Long Pour Of Freshly Brewed Coffee

lines of wine glasses

Lines Of Wine Glasses

latte art in hand

Latte Art In Hand

coffee is so hot right now cup at espresso machine

Coffee Is So Hot Right Now Cup At Espresso Machine

grafitti bridge over subway

Grafitti Bridge Over Subway

monkey sitting on top of wall lined with barb wire

Monkey Sitting On Top Of Wall Lined With Barb Wire

hiker navigates a narrow rock face

Hiker Navigates A Narrow Rock Face

stone road lined with cars

Stone Road Lined With Cars

curved roof and trees

Curved Roof And Trees

lush rice paddies under a fog-filled misty sky

Lush Rice Paddies Under A Fog-Filled Misty Sky

sunset on a european town square lined with colourful buildings

Sunset On A European Town Square Lined With Colourful Buildings

looking up at fading buildings

Looking Up At Fading Buildings

wicker basket in the corner a room

Wicker Basket In The Corner A Room

pour over coffee into unique ceramic vase

Pour Over Coffee Into Unique Ceramic Vase

latte art in cup at cafe

Latte Art In Cup At Cafe