Welcome to the adventures of The Nomad Barista – I'm Brodie, and my photography is inspired by exploring the world, connecting with different cultures, and of course coffee!

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Brodie has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

beach umbrella view

Beach Umbrella View

beach resort shade

Beach Resort Shade

writing on park bench

Writing On Park Bench

woman trying on sunglasses

Woman Trying On Sunglasses

woman popping champagne

Woman Popping Champagne

woman in white dress outside

Woman In White Dress Outside

woman holding sunglasses

Woman Holding Sunglasses

woman going down stairs

Woman Going Down Stairs

white ferry in water

White Ferry In Water

waterfront dock with benches

Waterfront Dock With Benches

tropical ocean boat

Tropical Ocean Boat

the eiffel tower paris

The Eiffel Tower Paris

sunglasses making a splash

Sunglasses Making A Splash

summer sunglasses

Summer Sunglasses

statue by eiffel tower

Statue By Eiffel Tower

red moon and stars

Red Moon And Stars

puppy at the beach

Puppy At The Beach

playing guitar in the park

Playing Guitar In The Park

payphone on brick wall

Payphone On Brick Wall

patio chair on balcony

Patio Chair On Balcony

oceanside mountains in indonesia

Oceanside Mountains In Indonesia

ocean waves crashing

Ocean Waves Crashing

man with rings writing

Man With Rings Writing

male model posing outdoors

Male Model Posing Outdoors

living room brick wall

Living Room Brick Wall

iphone photography landscape

iPhone Photography Landscape

iphone photography architecture

iPhone Photography Architecture

introspective journaling

Introspective Journaling

hiker climbing mountains

Hiker Climbing Mountains

girl peaking outside window

Girl Peaking Outside Window

flying over mountains

Flying Over Mountains

feet hanging over cliff

Feet Hanging Over Cliff

fashionable man by textured wall

Fashionable Man By Textured Wall

elegant wedding hall

Elegant Wedding Hall

dj in blue light

DJ In Blue Light

cute curious cat

Cute Curious Cat

crowd participating at event

Crowd Participating At Event

couple on coffee date

Couple On Coffee Date

concert at arena

Concert At Arena

comfortable living room cat

Comfortable Living Room Cat

coconut tree closeup

Coconut Tree Closeup

cafe bar chalkboard menu

Cafe Bar Chalkboard Menu

boat in ocean indonesia

Boat In Ocean Indonesia

boat in clear blue ocean

Boat In Clear Blue Ocean

binoculars looking at ocean

Binoculars Looking At Ocean

beautiful day at the beach

Beautiful Day At The Beach

beach party with champagne

Beach Party With Champagne

beach party balloons

Beach Party Balloons

abstract hanging wood art

Abstract Hanging Wood Art

pregnant woman in field

Pregnant Woman In Field