Welcome to the adventures of The Nomad Barista – I'm Brodie, and my photography is inspired by exploring the world, connecting with different cultures, and of course coffee!

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Brodie has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

backpacker hiking adventure

Backpacker Hiking Adventure

elegant wedding hall

Elegant Wedding Hall

rear view of sports car

Rear View Of Sports Car

rear view mirror on highway

Rear View Mirror On Highway

two women run along a sunset beach

Two Women Run Along A Sunset Beach

spiral staircase from above

Spiral Staircase From Above

waterfall off roadside cliff

Waterfall Off Roadside Cliff

woman wading

Woman Wading

playing guitar in the park

Playing Guitar In The Park

curvy rocks of grand canyon

Curvy Rocks Of Grand Canyon

highway through high architecture

Highway Through High Architecture

photographer shooting sunrise

Photographer Shooting Sunrise

paved highway in usa

Paved Highway In Usa

snowman on a winter afternoon

Snowman On A Winter Afternoon

man sitting on basketball court

Man Sitting On Basketball Court

barcelona city

Barcelona City

payphone on brick wall

Payphone On Brick Wall

red moon and stars

Red Moon And Stars

coconut tree closeup

Coconut Tree Closeup

waves crash on rocks and sand

Waves Crash On Rocks And Sand

man looks at woman in sunset

Man Looks At Woman In Sunset

relaxing roadside camping

Relaxing Roadside Camping

feet hanging over cliff

Feet Hanging Over Cliff

standing on gravel hill

Standing On Gravel Hill

watch and gloves on hand pointing

Watch And Gloves On Hand Pointing

mountain wanderlust

Mountain Wanderlust

picturing a mountain ridge

Picturing A Mountain Ridge

salad with chicken

Salad With Chicken

brown leather car interior

Brown Leather Car Interior

orange lamborghini

Orange Lamborghini

woman in water

Woman In Water

stoney beach

Stoney Beach

urban fashion

Urban Fashion

hiking the ridge

Hiking The Ridge

mountain lake in andorra

Mountain Lake In Andorra

oceanside women

Oceanside Women

man doing one armed pushups

Man Doing One Armed Pushups

truck splashes on & off road

Truck Splashes On & Off Road

off roading on volcanic sand field

Off Roading On Volcanic Sand Field

long espresso sits on a wooden stool

Long Espresso Sits On A Wooden Stool

sunglasses making a splash

Sunglasses Making A Splash

mossy rocky hike

Mossy Rocky Hike

seaside hiker in mexico

Seaside Hiker In Mexico

skateboarding in city

Skateboarding In City

red kayak

Red Kayak

man in french cuff fashion

Man In French Cuff Fashion

brother and sister

Brother And Sister

skateboarders running start

Skateboarders Running Start

forest hikers

Forest Hikers

skateboard in sky

Skateboard In Sky