Welcome to the adventures of The Nomad Barista – I'm Brodie, and my photography is inspired by exploring the world, connecting with different cultures, and of course coffee!

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Brodie has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

mom making pie

Mom Making Pie

eiffel tower france

Eiffel Tower France

husband and wife shoes

Husband And Wife Shoes

bride with wedding bouquet

Bride With Wedding Bouquet

hands cupping coffee

Hands Cupping Coffee

couple in love walk holding hands

Couple In Love Walk Holding Hands

walking in ocean waves

Walking In Ocean Waves

white dress and tattoo

White Dress And Tattoo

hand holding couple

Hand holding Couple

adventurer on cliff

Adventurer On Cliff

freshly picked coffee beans

Freshly Picked Coffee Beans

bride & groom wedding ring vows

Bride & Groom Wedding Ring Vows

men's fashion loose cotton shirt

Men's Fashion Loose Cotton Shirt

cyclist on bike path

Cyclist On Bike Path

rock concert crowd

Rock Concert Crowd

sandals in sand

Sandals In Sand

the man in the hat

The Man In The Hat

view from the beach

View From The Beach

getting ready to skate

Getting Ready To Skate

yoga posing tattooed woman

Yoga Posing Tattooed Woman

forest hiker

Forest Hiker

arizona desert cliffs

Arizona Desert Cliffs

wedding dress & wedding ring

Wedding Dress & Wedding Ring

couple walk & hug

Couple Walk & Hug

classic car speedometer

Classic Car Speedometer

man with hands together

Man With Hands Together

egg white cocktail

Egg White Cocktail

icelandic fields & nature

Icelandic Fields & Nature

couple in love at sunset

Couple In Love At Sunset

light art under northern lights

Light Art Under Northern Lights

kick flip with reflection

Kick Flip With Reflection

pour over coffee to order at cafe

Pour Over Coffee To Order At Cafe

waterfall rapids

Waterfall Rapids

drone in flight

Drone In Flight

tattooed woman on beach with toes in the sand

Tattooed Woman On Beach With Toes In The Sand

standing with skateboard

Standing With Skateboard

modern updated kitchen interior home

Modern Updated Kitchen Interior Home

country road cyclist

Country Road Cyclist

flat iron new york

Flat Iron New York

green cliffs viewing

Green Cliffs Viewing

oceanside mountains in indonesia

Oceanside Mountains In Indonesia

women's fashion tattoo holding glass of wine

Women's Fashion Tattoo Holding Glass Of Wine

courtyard fountain

Courtyard Fountain

men hiking grassy hills

Men Hiking Grassy Hills

watching the waterfall

Watching The Waterfall

woman walking path with head covered

Woman Walking Path With Head Covered

couple laughing

Couple Laughing

modern hotel bathroom

Modern Hotel Bathroom

sunset through leaves

Sunset Through Leaves

shanghai oriental pearl

Shanghai Oriental Pearl