Welcome to the adventures of The Nomad Barista – I'm Brodie, and my photography is inspired by exploring the world, connecting with different cultures, and of course coffee!

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Brodie has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

spanish mountain landscape

Spanish Mountain Landscape

repelling a rock face

Repelling A Rock Face

abandoned home in field

Abandoned Home In Field

yellow door on brick home

Yellow Door On Brick Home

minimalist room with modern art

Minimalist Room With Modern Art

romantic beach getaway

Romantic Beach Getaway

foggy dance club

Foggy Dance Club

skateboader pauses

Skateboader Pauses

river through berlin buildings

River Through Berlin Buildings

young man runaway on urban street

Young Man Runaway On Urban Street

arizona landscape

Arizona Landscape

rural iceland sunset

Rural Iceland Sunset

temple walkway

Temple Walkway

hot fresh donut

Hot Fresh Donut

hiking green fields & hills

Hiking Green Fields & Hills

man getting into red sports car

Man Getting Into Red Sports Car

bride & groom wedding kiss

Bride & Groom Wedding Kiss

paris art square

Paris Art Square

countryside cycling

Countryside Cycling

kneeling workout

Kneeling Workout

palacio de bellas artes wide shot

Palacio De Bellas Artes Wide Shot

luxury car interior

Luxury Car Interior

man jumping fence by field

Man Jumping Fence By Field

rainy day poolside

Rainy Day Poolside

stepping on skateboard

Stepping On Skateboard

classic black sports car

Classic Black Sports Car

young man pours a fresh cup of coffee

Young Man Pours A Fresh Cup Of Coffee

skateboarder on rooftop

Skateboarder On Rooftop

man doing pushups on bars

Man Doing Pushups on Bars

stepping on deck

Stepping On Deck

grand canyon little highway route 66

Grand Canyon Little Highway Route 66

winding desert highway

Winding Desert Highway

fall forest and city view

Fall Forest And City View

city night tracks

City Night Tracks

woman waits train speeds by

Woman Waits Train Speeds By

tropical beach below cliff

Tropical Beach Below Cliff

women's fashion tattooed woman holding flowers

Women's Fashion Tattooed Woman Holding Flowers

hotel bed with bamboo details

Hotel Bed With Bamboo Details

cafe bar chalkboard menu

Cafe Bar Chalkboard Menu

waves crash on feet

Waves Crash On Feet

two pizzas and wine

Two Pizzas And Wine

throwing basketball

Throwing Basketball

highway through fall wood

Highway Through Fall Wood

the curve in the road

The Curve In The Road

filling water bottle

Filling Water Bottle

skateboarders & onlooker

Skateboarders & Onlooker

salmon and lox

Salmon And Lox

fashionable man walks by train tracks

Fashionable Man Walks By Train Tracks

flag in new york

Flag In New York

filling wine glasses on counter

Filling Wine Glasses On Counter