Welcome to the adventures of The Nomad Barista – I'm Brodie, and my photography is inspired by exploring the world, connecting with different cultures, and of course coffee!

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Brodie has contributed 1352 photos since March 2017

winding tree towers over landscape

Winding Tree Towers Over Landscape

tropical pool outside a white house

Tropical Pool Outside A White House

motorbike outside a cafe

Motorbike Outside A Cafe

ice cold affogato coffee on wooden table

Ice Cold Affogato Coffee On Wooden Table

person swimming in clear pool

Person Swimming In Clear Pool

two red cocktails on a tray

Two Red Cocktails On A Tray

cow walks up rust colored hill

Cow Walks Up Rust Colored Hill

sunbeams though the clouds over the hills

Sunbeams Though The Clouds Over The Hills

creamy cold drink sits on a wooden table

Creamy Cold Drink Sits On A Wooden Table

green mountains and blue water

Green Mountains And Blue Water

sunset over the mountains in orange light

Sunset Over The Mountains In Orange Light

an outdoor roofed walkway

An Outdoor Roofed Walkway

palm trees beyond poolside hammock

Palm Trees Beyond Poolside Hammock

person sitting on beach looking out

Person Sitting On Beach Looking Out

dirt road to a small white cabin

Dirt Road To A Small White Cabin

offroad vehicle driving though a forest

Offroad Vehicle Driving Though A Forest

thai dragon stair railing

Thai Dragon Stair Railing

elephant snacks on bamboo

Elephant Snacks On Bamboo

elephant peek-a-boo

Elephant Peek-A-Boo

waving elephant trunk

Waving Elephant Trunk

elephant with amber eyes

Elephant With Amber Eyes

close-up of elephant feet

Close-Up Of Elephant Feet

a wooden box of trinkets

A Wooden Box Of Trinkets

woman admires valley view

Woman Admires Valley View

golden thailand canyon sunset

Golden Thailand Canyon Sunset

elephant on a cement floor

Elephant On A Cement Floor

winding thailand canyon

Winding Thailand Canyon

couple quietly soak in the view

Couple Quietly Soak In The View

unique multi-level roof

Unique Multi-Level Roof

natural wooden dining

Natural Wooden Dining

couple gets cozy during sunset

Couple Gets Cozy During Sunset

perfect morning patio

Perfect Morning Patio

couple enjoys sunset view

Couple Enjoys Sunset View

tree framed sunset

Tree Framed Sunset

sunsets over thailand mountains

Sunsets Over Thailand Mountains

side table tea service

Side Table Tea Service

teapot and cups on side table

Teapot And Cups On Side Table

hand-painted no smoking sign

Hand-Painted No Smoking Sign

rocky cliff plateau vantage point

Rocky Cliff Plateau Vantage Point

shoed feet overlooking cliff edge

Shoed Feet Overlooking Cliff Edge

mountainside valley

Mountainside Valley

mountain cliff view of the valley

Mountain Cliff View Of The Valley

wooden loft space

Wooden Loft Space

wooden shelf with knick knacks

Wooden Shelf With Knick Knacks

a white tea set on a wooden table

A White Tea Set On A Wooden Table

modern ladder shelf

Modern Ladder Shelf

a quaint brick cottage

A Quaint Brick Cottage

small red brick cabin

Small Red Brick Cabin

old workshop bench with tools

Old Workshop Bench With Tools

hiker navigates a narrow rock face

Hiker Navigates A Narrow Rock Face