Healthcare Images

Looking for healthcare pictures for your next project? Burst has curated royalty-free photos related to healthcare. All photos are in HD format and free to download

doctor reaches towards shelf

Doctor Reaches Towards Shelf

surgeon wearing face mask

Surgeon Wearing Face Mask

doctor sits against wall

Doctor Sits Against Wall

doctor approaches patient

Doctor Approaches Patient

doctor holding tweezers

Doctor Holding Tweezers

nurse pushing wheelchair

Nurse Pushing Wheelchair

person wearing white gloves prepares a needle

Person Wearing White Gloves Prepares A Needle

nurse weighing patient

Nurse Weighing Patient

wounded hand is dressed

Wounded Hand Is Dressed

doctor holds chart

Doctor Holds Chart

patient in wheelchair

Patient In Wheelchair

nervous patient in wheelchair

Nervous Patient In Wheelchair

time to get to work

Time To Get To Work

grateful patient

Grateful Patient

two hanging iv bags

Two Hanging IV Bags

white pills in a pile with the pill bottle open behind them

White Pills In A Pile With The Pill Bottle Open Behind Them

reading in hospital waiting room

Reading In Hospital Waiting Room

surgeon concentrates on work

Surgeon Concentrates on Work

white pills on a grey wood grain surface

White Pills On A Grey Wood Grain Surface

a hand holds up a thermometer against black background

A Hand Holds Up A Thermometer Against Black Background

pile of white pills on a dark grey surface

Pile Of White Pills On A Dark Grey Surface

doctors office

Doctors Office

sample jar in hand

Sample Jar In Hand

doctor collects sample

Doctor Collects Sample

holding up sample jar

Holding up Sample Jar

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Finding the perfect healthcare images

From the world’s biggest brands to its quaintest small businesses and most innovative startups, there are thousands upon thousands of healthcare companies that need images for their marketing and branding each year. And these images often have unique requirements. They need to showcase diverse people of various backgrounds and ages. They need to demonstrate all kinds of emotions, from the greatest joy to the most profound sadness. And they need to incorporate everything from human touch to technological marvels and cutting-edge devices.

So, where to start? As a first step, think about your target audience. What emotion do you want them to feel when they see this image? It could vary from pride in the medical system and empathy for doctors and nurses tackling such big challenges every day, to excitement for growing families. Consider how the emotions of the people portrayed in these images impacts the emotion of the viewer.

If it’s more so the healthcare system you want people to picture, start by exploring images that portray hospitals, ambulances, and emergency surgeries. Think about how you can portray a variety of relatable human portraits while bringing every aspect of a hospital experience to life.

Whatever the case may be, there is an enormous amount of emotion healthcare images can contain. Start browsing through Burst’s library of HD healthcare photos to decide what creative direction you want your project to take. Once you find the perfect image, you can download it for free in seconds!