Lake Pictures

Lakes are beautiful, and our curated selection of images show why in stunning high-resolution. Whether you're looking for a wide shot of a lake enclosed by mountains, a medium shot of amateur fishermen reeling their catch in, or a close up of a wooden dock on the lake, you're sure to find it below.

red and blue shoreline iphone screen

Red And Blue Shoreline Iphone Screen

mountain landscape with flowers

Mountain Landscape With Flowers

lakeside cliffs and blue sky

Lakeside Cliffs And Blue Sky

man & lake reflection

Man & Lake Reflection

blue water and white cliffs surrounded by trees

Blue Water And White Cliffs Surrounded By Trees

photo of a cityscape with a ferris wheel

Photo Of A Cityscape With A Ferris Wheel

winding river through orange and red trees

Winding River Through Orange And Red Trees

a big thumbs up to boating!

A Big Thumbs Up To Boating!

lakeside beach chairs

Lakeside Beach Chairs

mountains and blue lake

Mountains And Blue Lake

lake in the mountains at dusk

Lake In The Mountains At Dusk

person standing in wavy water holding a surfboard

Person Standing In Wavy Water Holding A Surfboard

two people stands on the shore next to a boat

Two People Stands On The Shore Next To A Boat

kayaking on lake

Kayaking On Lake

mountain lake in andorra

Mountain Lake In Andorra

water lily and lily pad

Water Lily And Lily Pad

snowy mountains reflected in still lake

Snowy Mountains Reflected In Still Lake

person stands on rocks poking out of the ocean shoreline

Person Stands On Rocks Poking Out Of The Ocean Shoreline

two people diving into the water

Two People Diving Into The Water

kayaks on dock

Kayaks On Dock

cottage porch lounge

Cottage Porch Lounge

person sits looking out towards still water

Person Sits Looking Out Towards Still Water

person on a boat in the water next to a city

Person On A Boat In The Water Next To A City

person fishing on the beach is silhouetted at sunset

Person Fishing On The Beach Is Silhouetted At Sunset

silhouette with pink and purple sky

Silhouette With Pink And Purple Sky

still lake reflects the landscape

Still Lake Reflects The Landscape

flag on a wooden stick in the sand

Flag On A Wooden Stick In The Sand

canoe resting on small beach

Canoe Resting On Small BEach

ocean with a boat in the foreground

Ocean With A Boat In The Foreground

person sitting on a bench and looking out to the ocean

Person Sitting On A Bench And Looking Out To The Ocean

person in mask stands by boats on the water

Person In Mask Stands By Boats On The Water

person upside down diving into water

Person Upside Down Diving Into Water

a bird in flight over still blue water

A Bird In Flight Over Still Blue Water

sunset over forest

Sunset Over Forest

four people on a boat in the water

Four People On A Boat In The Water

a boat with clothing on it on the shore

A Boat With Clothing On It On The Shore

highway through a forest

Highway Through A Forest

feet on dock above lily pads

Feet On Dock Above Lily Pads

cork handled fishing rod

Cork Handled Fishing Rod

person in a white shirt stands by the water

Person In A White Shirt Stands By The Water

woman sits with her legs crossed facing the ocean

Woman Sits With Her Legs Crossed Facing The Ocean

mountain highway

Mountain Highway

two people surfing in blue choppy water

Two People Surfing In Blue Choppy Water

sunrise glaring through the trees as man takes to water

Sunrise Glaring Through The Trees As Man Takes To Water

dark waves in the sea

Dark Waves In The Sea

a bridge sitting in thick pink and purple fog

A Bridge Sitting In Thick Pink And Purple Fog

fire-lit house glows by a frosty lake against a starry sky

Fire-Lit House Glows By A Frosty Lake Against A Starry Sky

lakeside forest

Lakeside Forest

person in a black dress walks on the beach

Person In A Black Dress Walks On The Beach

people travelling on a small boat across the water

People Travelling On A Small Boat Across The Water

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