School pictures

Our free school images are perfect for advertising back to school sales or educational activities. Browse through images of books, backpacks, DIY crafts, school supplies and other essentials - all downloadable and free for commercial use.

woman in orange top by green plant

Woman In Orange Top By Green Plant

waiting for school to start

Waiting For School To Start

staring at the summer sun

Staring At The Summer Sun

playing hopscotch together

Playing Hopscotch Together

scientist holding agar pietri dish

Scientist Holding Agar Pietri Dish

a pink and white letter board spells out "anti-social"

A Pink And White Letter Board Spells Out "Anti-Social"

young man in meeting going over reports

Young Man In Meeting Going Over Reports

students learn in sound booth

Students Learn In Sound Booth

student outside holding out diploma

Student Outside Holding Out Diploma

scientist places test tube

Scientist Places Test Tube

woman canada learning code

Woman Canada Learning Code

back to school chalkboard

Back To School Chalkboard

grad cap diploma and books stacked

Grad Cap Diploma And Books Stacked

small boy in white shirt and grey hat

Small Boy In White Shirt And Grey Hat

stack of diplomas

Stack Of Diplomas

back of the bus

Back Of The Bus

vertical image of hand lettering in notebook

Vertical Image of Hand lettering In Notebook

toronto library

Toronto Library

little boy holding blank chalkboard

Little Boy Holding Blank Chalkboard

young woman in sunglasses taking photograph on beach

Young Woman In Sunglasses Taking Photograph On Beach

teacher's desk calendar

Teacher's Desk Calendar

girl with long hair using sidewalk chalk

Girl With Long Hair Using Sidewalk Chalk

crafting in red

Crafting In Red

creative mind writes in journal

Creative Mind Writes In Journal

smiling beach photographer

Smiling Beach Photographer

research lab frozen specimens

Research Lab Frozen Specimens

dna research assay tray in lab

Dna Research Assay Tray In Lab

locker doors

Locker Doors

multi channel pipette and assay plate

Multi Channel Pipette And Assay Plate

three grad students holding out diplomas

Three Grad Students Holding Out Diplomas

students learn on sound mixing board

Students Learn On Sound Mixing Board

young woman in sunglasses holding camera facing beach

Young Woman In Sunglasses Holding Camera Facing Beach

basketball court corner

Basketball Court Corner

elementary school activity wall

Elementary School Activity Wall

grad student moving tassle over

Grad Student Moving Tassle Over

young girl drawing hopscotch

Young Girl Drawing Hopscotch

hopscotch game

Hopscotch Game

coloring pencils on black

Coloring Pencils On Black

person creative writing

Person Creative Writing

tubes in centrifuge close up

Tubes In Centrifuge Close Up

chicken and rice lunchbox

Chicken And Rice Lunchbox

succulent stationary

Succulent Stationary

little blond boy running holding his pants up

Little Blond Boy Running Holding His Pants Up

creative writing in journal

Creative Writing In Journal

sitting on school steps to go back to school

Sitting On School Steps To Go Back To School

modern library

Modern Library

three children's backpacks and a brick wall

Three Children's Backpacks And A Brick Wall

pencils and shavings

Pencils And Shavings

bitten apple by young boy

Bitten Apple By Young Boy

man opening student loan payment gift

Man Opening Student Loan Payment Gift

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Books, backpacks and school supplies - browse through hundreds of back to school images free to use on your next commercial project.

School is back!

Although it’s the last thing any kid wants to think about - September is right around the corner. Mornings will soon be cooled by a crisp wind, leaves will soon be browning and cracking off of tree branches, and students from kindergarten to university will be stacking their backpacks with books, pencils, laptops and pens and heading off to school.

Although September might not be the most exciting time for kids saying goodbye to their summers, it can be an exciting time for retailers. The back-to-school season provides a great opportunity for businesses to start thinking about how to they’ll market to customers looking to stuff their kids bags full of new supplies - and our collection of commercially-licensed back to school images might be the perfect addition to your next marketing campaign.

Marketing your back to school sale for 2017

There are a lot of opportunities for online retailers selling school supplies during the back-to-school season. Studies have shown that the number of customers making back to school purchases online is growing - especially with teens.

Although your average teenager might not be thrilled to be returning to the classroom - they’re certainly excited about shopping. Since teenagers are more likely to shop online - there’s a huge opportunity to target your marketing to this demographic. With most parents agreeing that their kids influence their purchasing decisions when it comes to back to school shopping - it’s a good idea to keep them in mind in your advertising.

Keeping consumer concerns in mind

A lot of consumers say that their primary concern when it comes to shopping online for back to school supplies is that the products will not arrive in time. Back-to-school shopping has a deadline - and while this might seem like a downside for online retailers, understanding the concerns of consumers helps to better your business.

You want to keep shipping times in mind and offer solutions to the problem. Next-day shipping promotions, guaranteed arrival days and shipping discounts are a great way to hone in on this problem and present it in a way that’s beneficial to your business.

If you’re an online retailer with a physical location - this can be a big advantage in the world of online shopping. For customers who still might not want to shop online, offers like reservations of products and in-store pickup can be a big way to boost sales.

Downloadable images for your Back to School marketing campaign

School will be back in session soon - and now is the time to start your next school-related promotional campaign. Need an image to advertise new in-school programs? We’ve got you covered. Looking to add some visual appeal to your university campus registration event? Feel free to grab one from Burst.

Whatever route you choose to go down in marketing your products - our collection of images are a great way to add visual appeal to your campaign. Whether you’re a business promoting a back to school sale or a school welcoming their students for another year - feel free to use any of our back to school images in your next marketing email, promotional poster or website.