Paleo to Me

Paleo to Me sells fresh, pre-made paleo meals and delivers them to local Crossfit gyms. The menu changes weekly and includes five entree options and two additional side dishes. Customers pre-order by midnight Thursday each week and receive their meals by the time the gym opens for its first workout Monday morning.

What are the key factors that have helped your store be successful?

We started the business with a tasting party for about 30 friends across two local gyms - the feedback was excellent and we ended up going for it a month earlier than planned based on that party. We started with about 50 meals and two delivery locations in week one and are preparing and delivering 550 meals to 11 locations today, nine months later.

Sticking to a paleo diet is difficult for many people because of the time required to cook everything from fresh, unprocessed food. Most end up eating a grilled chicken breast and a steamed vegetable - which gets old quickly.

We simplify the process by bringing five gourmet options at an affordable price to your laptop, desktop or phone each week. We feel the business has grown for that reason: we keep it simple. Shopify has been the perfect tool to come alongside this philosophy and make it easy for people to order.

What are your top recommendations for new store owners?

Just jump in. Shopify makes it easy to take all the work you've done preparing for your start-up and pull the trigger. We opened the first version of our store in less than a week with little to no trouble. When it was time to make upgrades to our process, Shopify grew along with us with the help of some custom programming. In fact, we're currently working on a custom app that will streamline the ordering process for our customers.

Any Closing Remarks?

We started Paleo to Me because, well...we wanted the product. We figured if we saw the need, others were out there in the same boat. It's been a whirlwind ride, and we're not done yet. We're thankful for Shopify and the ability to get started quickly and grow into our company.

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