Jared Burns of Pixallent has created a beautiful new Shopify theme called Moderno.

We love Moderno because it is clean while at the same time it takes a new approach to the shopping cart theme. The result is a sophisticated look with a resemblance to a high end fashion magazine.

Just like the Vogue theme Moderno comes with several color schemes to suite your taste.


Moderno is free for all Shopify customers and can be applied via your theme gallery now.

See Moderno in action.


  • trif3cta
    June 12 2008, 05:45PM

    Splendid theme Pixallent! Reminds me a bit of the Grid Focus WP Theme.

  • Ryan
    June 12 2008, 05:45PM

    This looks like a great addition to Shopify! Can’t wait to play with it…

  • IrininaSviridova
    October 24 2011, 12:40AM

    Интесно спасибо Вам! Об этом недавно прочитала, а на том блоге немного иначе написано…

  • CindyCrawe
    October 29 2011, 02:39AM

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  • annalustikova
    November 17 2011, 05:46AM

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  • annalustikova
    November 17 2011, 09:16AM

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  • dengimiraorg
    November 22 2011, 12:21AM

    Спс за статью. Чего-нить еще о таком же интересно почитать. :)

  • sdsss20
    January 20 2012, 03:29PM

    Hack again?!

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