Early Access: Shop Product Reviews For Building Brand Equity

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Buyer trust is currency in the future of commerce, so it’s important for you to build a strong reputation in communities where your customers shop. 

 93% of consumers said online reviews influenced their decision to buy.  That means your current customers are your best advocates because new customers look to them for information. Third-party reviews are one of the most trusted sources for online shoppers because they are earned. 

We know good reviews are one of the most effective ways to build buyer trust, so we're making the collection process easy and automatic to help ensure your reviews are genuine. 

How we’re building reviews at Shop

Building reviews into the Shop app experience is one of the ways we're helping you build trust with your customers by giving them transparency. Often brands are hesitant to use reviews because they can be hard to manage, source, or even verify. We understand these pain points, and we’re building our reviews with simplicity and authenticity in mind.

Shop reviews are already integrated into your customer’s shopping journey. Customers who place and track orders on Shop receive a push notification to review your product shortly after it arrives. That means reviews on Shop are timely, targeted, and sourced from your real customers.

Product reviews in Shop also help brands improve their experience for customers. Merchants are given insights that can help them understand what their customers love the most, or find areas to grow.

We’re continuing to build out Shop product reviews to help your brand build equity with your customers. Potential customers using the Shop app will soon be able to see reviews of your products, giving them social proof from your other customers. You’ll be able to respond to reviews to address your customers’ feedback. And, as we continue to grow this feature, you’ll gain better insights and analytics to improve your business.

We’ve launched early access to Shop product reviews for select merchants. Check out the Shopify help center for more information on getting started with reviews or reach out to support if you have any questions. If you haven’t already, be sure to add the Shop channel to get free, brand-building tools to meet and keep your best customers.

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