Shopify Commerce Awards



Does your work provide a creative solution to a merchant problem? Did you use the power of storytelling to create a unique or optimized user experience? Show the judges how you've flexed your creative chops in both strategy and design.

Overall aesthetic


Simply said, it's flawless. We're looking for submissions that exceed the typical standards of Shopify app and store designs. From beginning to end and across all touchpoints, the design is consistent and the aesthetic is strong.

Speed and simplicity


Clean code, lightning-fast load times, and smooth user experiences. We're looking for submissions that seamlessly pair speed with simplicity. Submissions should achieve a speed score of 50 or over.

Ease of use


Above all else, Shopify store experiences and apps must be easy to use. Our judges are looking for interfaces with easy navigation, mobile compatibility, and localized functionalities.



Successful submissions must meet standard accessibility requirements. For a full overview of accessibility considerations, please review the Polaris guidelines.