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PushOwl is Shopify's leading web push notification solution used by more than 500 Shopify Plus merchants. Sending browser-based push notifications allows personalized, relevant, and highly visible communication that shows directly on the screen of your subscriber's device (desktop or mobile). This makes PushOwl the go-to-solution for retargeting your store visitors, recovering abandoned carts without an email address, and re-engaging your existing subscribers off-site.

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May 2020


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Web push notifications are an easy low-hanging fruit opportunity to recapture people. It is indeed the most compelling option for the first notification in an abandoned cart sequence because you will be hitting the user within minutes of actually abandoning on the same devices they are already on.

Allen Burt, CEOBlue Stout

Email is becoming spammy and people have become immune to a lot of stuff they see on social media. A push notification is the best way of reaching out to all our customers: It's personalized. It pops up on your screen. And with just a single click, they are on my website ready to buy a product.

Raghav Somani, FounderHeadphone Zone

Running a Plus Store requires high performing apps that work well with everything you already have going on your site. PushOwl is a perfect example of this. A great way to add a new marketing channel that shows results quick. Not to mention one of the best support teams we've ever encountered.

Anne Coyne, Director of eCommerceFit & Fresh